Friday, October 31, 2008

AGGGHHHHAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!! life right now. nuts-o


Thursday, October 2, 2008

Next Level Gladiators

last saturday night our church (next level) was holding a youth event. they were going to play american gladiators. remember that show? the gladiators beat the crap out of the contestants. well this was the same. the gladiators were the youth leaders and the contestants were the kids. it was held on a soccer field. and we had just had 3 days of rain right before this. so you can imagine how wet and mushy it was. not to mention i think geese like to flock there and do their thing. so it was disgusting. and of course i volunteered to help. (i mean i wasn't going to waste the gas driving out there and back!) jared (the youth pastor) put me to work scoring on the power ball game. that's the one where you take a ball out of the basket (or in this case trashcan) and try to get it into another basket (trashcan) with out getting slammed to the ground by a gladiator. and it was 1 kid to 3 gladiators. i laughed my butt off. they were sliding all over the place and falling like crazy. even the adults. and i have to say some of the girls really stepped up to the plate. they were great! then their were the ones who didn't want to get dirty. pansy's. so i helped out with this game for a while, then it was time for the ELIMINATOR!! they set out big blue tarps and covered them with vegetable oil. yes vegetable oil. the kids had to put their heads on the top of a umbrella and spin around 10 times. then roll all the way down the tarp (covered in vegetable oil) and then do 10 pushups. there was something else but i couldn't see it from where i was. oh they got hit by pillows that had been covered in flour. and had to slide down a muddy hill to see who won. big c was an absolute mess! but he had a wonderful time. my feet were soooo dirty and my pants legs were soaked.

hot dogs and music followed. and big c had blake and caden spend the night with him. i made them all sit on garbage bags on the way home and immediately strip and get into the shower. (and wash a load of laundry!)

i wanted to take my camera but was afraid it would get gross so i didn't. and i'm glad! if i get some pix i'll post them. you have to see how disgusting it really was.

i love my church!