Monday, February 21, 2011


so what is going on in simple life land? let's see.

i have lost 7.4 lbs on WW in 3 weeks! yay me!! still trying to work the program and it gets easier all the time. and i saw a friend from high school at my meeting. pretty cool.

started going back to the gym. should help with the weight loss. started running again today after being stupid sick for 3 or 4 weeks. blech

caleb has finished his behind the wheel driving and is getting his permit this week. (pray for me) actually i have been letting him drive in the neighborhood and he is doing a great job! very proud of him. he just bought a pedal for his guitar. he is loud. that's all i can say!

mikey is more mikey than ever. just such a wonderful spirit and so easy going. you never really have to worry about him. unless he is walking out over a pool cover to step on the ice. yikes!

life groups started at church and i joined 2! wednesday with miranda confessions of a good Christian girl and thursday with jared and kip about the book of mark. the first group is all women and it's gonna be tough. really makes you think about the things you hide from others. and i have lots hidden. and i don't want to share. so i'm scared. the other one is a huge group which i like b/c there are lots of people in there i don't know. (which is weird since i have been going to NLC for over 4 years) but i'm looking forward to getting to know them all.

charlotte has been experiencing AMAZING weather this week. i'm in shorts right now with the windows open. in february! very exciting! however i'm hoping we do get some more winter before spring hits.

michael has some work and hopefully will be getting more as people get their tax returns. (pray for that)

so life is good. just not super exciting. and i'm ok with that!!