Friday, September 30, 2011

just keep pinning, just keep pinning....

do you ♥ Pinterest like i do? oh man i could spend days on here and never find all the cool stuff they have!! but have i actually made any of the things i have pinned? why yes i have thanks for asking! and i'm feeling craftier by the minute! :)

i have cooked some amazing things! and plan on making more. i've curled my hair (yes my stick straight hair) with a sock! did some fun kid stuff and i'm going to buy material to make curtains for my kitchen today! ME!! MAKE CURTAINS!! (i'll post pix when i'm done) i hope to do something neat-o with a t-shirt and a bleach pen this weekend.

if you haven't started pinning, i highly recommend it. with this disclaimer...kaysssimplelife is not responsible for the lack of sleep you will have to survive on once you start this journey.