Wednesday, September 8, 2010


so summer is over and bring on the cold! well not really b/c it's still hot out. poop. but school is back in full swing for everyone and so far so good. caleb started high school (i can't believe it!) and is really enjoying it. before it started we went to the school a few times so he could walk his class route so he wouldn't get lost. he is very lucky that all of his classes are super close together. and he is making friends. not that i'm surprised but i am happy about it. going into a school that large and only knowing 2 people is tough. and i was really worried about it. i mean i remember what it was like when i started high school and i knew tons of people. i would love to shelter him from all the bad stuff that life brings. *sigh* but i know i can't.

mikey has been going to a homeschool co-op for a month now. they meet once a week and we are there all day. he has science (with ms tammy!) then art, poetry, lunch (his favorite part) picture study (my favorite part) then history. the mom's are amazing and i get to help! but i don't have to do all the work. (which i love the most!) his bff denver is there and another boy named adam who is his age. they have the best time! after the first day i asked mikey how he liked it and he said "mommy i LOVE real school!!" i said honey that is not "real" school! we actually waited until after labor day to start doing other schooling at home. i am having him read out loud to me and boy he is doing great! all summer he has been reading the magic tree house books. i remember how much caleb loved them. but he reads them to himself so i don't know what he is really understanding. amazing! i love that he loves to read! hopefully we can keep that up!

and here's just an adorable picture of my boys in new hampshire.

maybe i'll get around to posting a chicken jam blog!