Monday, July 30, 2007

eighty and beyond

#80. i am never late. never. for anything. actually i'm usually very very early. makes my friends crazy. and they make me crazy for not being on time!!! come on people.

#79. i eat sandwiches (and toast) from the bottom up. don't know why just do

#78. i love my mother-in-law. she is one of my best friends. i told you i was weird!! no i'm just lucky

#77. i watch the same movies over and over. and over and over. because i live with 3 male's i never get to see the girlie movies that i like so when they are not home or gone to bed i watch them. and they are (in no particular order)
Pretty Woman
My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Mean Girls
13 Going on 30
Legally Blond
The Parent Trap (Hailey Mills version)

#76. i plan on stealing a lot of my #100 things from my sister. i mean we are only 13 months apart so many of the things she lists, have to do with me too! (see #75)

#75. i HATE when people clap to a slow song. it's a slow song. sway back and forth...wave a lighter....but don't clap! i think my hatred of clapping in general comes from my mom. she claps at everything. planes landing, movie endings, a funny line. and she does just do the "aw, that's funny" clap, clap, clap... it's more like clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap,.... yeah. seriously. she claps first, loudest, and finishes last. it's awesome. especially when you're in a crowded movie. and don't get me started on her waving from the audience when you're on stage in a choral program (i changed that last part to fit my #100 things!) :)

#74. i love punctuation. especially !!!!!!!. i will use an exclamation point all the way to the end of the screen. and some times i will mix it up with a few question marks. and i love smilies. :)

#73. when i was younger i was a horse freak. yes freak is the appropriate term here. i dreamed about owning a horse for years. i had horse shirts, models, coloring books, stuffed horses, books, magazines, you name it i had it. i saved all my allowance to buy horse stuff. then one year we went to B&R Ranch for summer camp. and they had horses. oh my gosh i was so excited. they put me up on one and it started trotting. i freaked out and would not get back on one the rest of the summer. i'm over it now.

#72. my mom, my sister and i went to see the Black Stallion movie way back in 1979. of course i was totally stoked because i had read all the Black Stallion books 100 times. so we're in the theater and it's really good. then there is a part where alec is looking for the black and my mom YELLS OUT IN THE THEATER "whistle for him!!!" melissa and i were mortified. she was so freaking LOUD!!! and then we went to see E.T. oh my gosh. she was sobbing so loud i could not even enjoy the movie. what a mess.

#73. we lived in tampa when i was young. and in the summer my mom would not turn on the a/c because we could not afford it. she would get a cup of water and sprinkle it over our beds before we went to sleep. oh yeah that helped. and that was before the days of ceiling fans. florida sucks.

#72. as long as i can remember whenever i get a song stuck in my head i start singing "I Can't Get You Out of My Mind". it's got to be from the 70's but i have no idea who sung it and those are the only lyrics i can remember. but it works!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

we're going to austin

we leave for austin in a few hours. my kids are so excited. but really who in their right mind would go to texas in july!!! well sassy is there so that makes is all worth while! can't wait :D

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


i don't like Rice Crispy Treats. my sister just found out and she thinks that is really weird. i never have liked them. don't know why. i like rice crispys and i love marshmallows. to me they just don't go well together.

i wanted to draw a red circle with a line through it over the so called treats but i don't have that program. so use your imagination.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

i read a lot #2

so i have been keeping track of the books i have read this year. (see i read a lot post) so far this year i have read 57 books. yes that's right 57. and i have 2 going now. and remember this does not include any bible reading. what this means is i have wayyyyy too much time on my hands!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

more of me if you can handle it

85. i sleep with a blankie. my grandmother used to make quilts and i have been sleeping with this one for about 20 years. it is mine and i don't share it. it's pink on one side and most of the stitching is coming out so all of the stuffing is gone. it's pretty much 2 pieces of material held together by those little tied pieces of string. so every night when i go to bed i pull the covers down and spread my blankie on just my side of the bed. makes DH nuts. get over it. he steals all the other covers anyway so i have to be prepared.

84. i love kids music. of course i have kids so it works out well. but i have laurie berkner on my ipod along with the muppets, schoolhouse rock and veggie tales. i'm such a child at heart.

83. i knew the minute i saw my DH that i was going to marry him. and i was dating his best friend todd. so i kicked todd to the curb and hooked up with michael. that was when he was 16 and i was 19. yikes!! and it's been bliss ever since! hahahahahahahahahaha
no really it's weird how something like that happens. todd, michael and his then girlfriend casey just showed up at my door one day while i was having lunch. i was having tuna. not a great food to make a first impression with. anyway todd introduced me to him and it was like a shock. he says he felt that way too. but he may have said that just to get lucky.

82. i have a great memory. makes my DH sick. cause he can never win. and i remember lots of usless stuff. my kids are always amazed by what i can remember. i just tell them it's the usless knowledge compartment in my brain. like i can remember my phone number and address of the house i lived in in tampa. we moved in when i was 3 and left when i was 10. 882-1121 8015 W Pocohontas St. Tampa, Fl 33615. i'm so weird

i hate my curtains

i hate the curtains in my house. we have lived here 6 years and just stuck with what was here until we were "ready" to make changes. (when we had the money) the ones in the front room are these really heavy, gross, pink curtains. yesterday cassidy decided to climb them. she has been in between the lining and the curtains before but didn't get very far. now she is on the outside. so i guess i'm glad i kept my horrible curtains. until the kitten is too heavy to climb up them!

Monday, July 9, 2007

new post

my sister insists i blog. so here it is. there is nothing going on in my life. how's that!

i did get a small contract from christa and leeann. that should keep me busy for about 20 hours. thanks ladies!

i have an audition to sing at church thursday night. i am looking forward to that. would give me something to do outside of home and would replace the empty space in my heart that i lost when tim decided to re-structure trewth without me in it. butt-head.

just a cute pix of some tigers to make this post more interesting.