Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so much for keeping updated here.

kids went to the dentist today. monkey's first time! i know he's almost 6 but when you don't have insurance you don't go to the dentist. fortunately they got my hubby's amazing choppers. the dentist was doing a little dance he was so excited at how great their teeth were. and he thinks neither one of them will ever need braces! very awesome!!

my monkey is so creative. he made himself a campfire because he wanted to roast marshmallows. check these out.
he took stuff from around the house and made the fire. and he even created his own stick with marshmallow. and the marshmallow is brown and on fire!! so adorable!!

look at that face!! i can not believe he is going to be six next month! man time sure flies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i need to change the title of my blog from kay's simple life to what does kay think she is doing?

hubby lost his job. i got a promotion at work. don't get excited. just counting tills and working at guest services. but still more hours and more money. supposedly. hasn't happened yet. i don't want to work to begin with so i'm not super excited.

house was getting foreclosed on then someone came up with a huge interest free loan for us. people rock.

kids got lice again and big c gave it to a friend who's mom proceeded to loose it and chose never speak to me again because of it. that was hard. but i'm getting over it.

big c turned 13!! had a huge party with lots of kids and lots of fun. and he has a new girl. danni. very sweet.

i got a kitty for Christmas! thank you peggy! her name is lucy and she is adorable. gray just like my old cat Bart. she is my kitty no doubt! she follows me around and sleeps on my head at the top of my pillow. i love her.

i will be 40 this year and my sis is coming to town and having a huge party for me. i have invited all of my facebook friends that live in town and it's gonna be fun!! if you're near charlotte on march 7th, let me know. i'll send you directions.

church rocks. we got our new building and it's great but i miss the little one. it was cozy.

i think that's it in a nutshell. sorry i haven't been around much. i'll post pix of the kitten soon. (i hope!)