Friday, January 28, 2011

what a day!

usually when someone says "what a day" it's bad. right? well not today friends!! it's been a great day and it's only 3:00. i girded my loins and made the commitment to get myself healthy. i went to weight watchers and joined up! i have done WW before and even been a life time member. then mikey came along. not that i regret that one little bit! but i never was able to get back to where i wanted to be weight wise. so i'm doin' it now!!!! i have been very inspired by some of my friends who have lots lots of weight. i just have to bite the bullet and do it!

AND to make the day even better... i just found out that some friends of mine, whom i have been praying for for a veryyyy lonnngggg time, are PREGNANT!!!!! not just one set of friends, but TWO!!! i cried and cried. still a little bit shaky about the whole thing. that makes a total of 8 new babies that will be arriving in 2011 at next level church. there may be more i don't know about so i'll keep you updated. starting in march/april running thru aug/sept, the fun is on!!!! if you can't be pregnant yourself, having friends who are is the next best thing!! (not that i want to be pregnant but there is always a little part of me that would love to have had more kids) michael has informed me not to drink the water or the coffee at church. good thing i bring my own!

(well i spoke too soon! i plugged in my phone to get some pix from it and it wiped the whole thing out!! so enjoy these pix b/c i'm in for a long night of re-learning my blackberry!)

so yesterday at co-op our picture we were studying was by pieter bruegel the elder called children's games. our wonderful parent Aims went to a lot of trouble to have many of the games depicted in the picture at co-op for the kids to play with. it was AWESOME!!! she had them all layed out in the gym and just let them play. they had a fantastic time! here is the original.

and here is what she had for us...

she had hoops and sticks...

tug of war...

potato sack races, broom ball, stacking cups, blocks, marbles, dice and more. mikey actually said "thanks so much ms aims! i had a great time and learned to win at dice!" hahaha!

it was a super great day and those kids will never ever forget that picture or artist! :)

i ♥ homeschooling!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

t's cheese stick

i felt very encouraged today by reading my friend teresa's blog over at t's turn. she had something odd but not over the top odd happen to her and she blogged about it. i think my problem with my blog is i feel like i have to have something exciting to write about or it's not worth it. so i'm taking a page from teresa and blogging about not much.

making caleb do school work is like pulling teeth. he's in his room with all his musical instruments and when he is supposed to be writting a paper or something i'll hear the sound of a ukulele coming from behind closed doors. i have kind of let him slide but not anymore! i'm going to be studying his subjects with him so i am sure of what he is getting out of it. i mean i already do it with mikey so i might as well learn more right???

and mikey. that boy. oh i love him so. the things he says make me laugh and laugh. he was playing with his corks (we save everything around here) and he said "this one is my particular favorite. i'm not sure what particular means but it sounds good"!!! and the fact that he plays with corks. come on. imaginative should be his middle name.

we have had some snow. or should i say 2 snows this year. and a birthday. i can't believe caleb is 15! and he had 20 kids at his party. and they were ALL taller than me. it was very very weird.

and here are some random pix of stuff that makes me smile. some of it is from our homeschool co-op which we love!!!