Tuesday, June 23, 2009


there is a new hotel in town. Great Wolf Lodge. now i have that dumb song stuck in my head. anyway. they have a great indoor water park and a Magiquest. i had no idea what it was but saw it on a yahoo group post. checked out their website and thought it might be fun to do with monkey while big c was at the beach with caden. first of all this hotel is HUGE!!! looks like a big lodge. all cabinish and foresty. with lots of animals and wood. you go to the 2nd floor to the magiquest store. you have to pick a wand (the most expensive part, his was $20) but you get to keep it and used it forever. so you pick a wand, and a magi name and then they give you a book and start you on a quest. you have to go to the training area which is a video of a wizard telling you how to play the game. he teaches you how to use your wand and such. then you go to these trees with touch screens in them and do what it tells you. you have to start off finding runes. when you are done with all of those (i think there are 10) you can do adventures. this is all spread out on 3 floors of the hotel and the elevator is soooooo slow you have to use the stairs. we were up and down those things i swear 30 times. b/c in order to get a rune you have to solve the puzzle in the book and that gives you the rune. it's all done electronically with the wand. there are boxes of jewels you have to open and "collect". there are books that talk to you. pictures on the walls that you have to point at and they tell you things.

the walls are painted like forests. they whole place is just AMAZING!!! i think b/c monkey doesn't read very well(and he has short legs) we were not able to finish finding all the runes. but when you purchase an "adventure" it stays open for 4 days. so we are going to go back tomorrow or thursday to finish this quest. then when big c gets back from the beach we will take him and let him start his own adventure. there were kids and adults of all ages, running, laughing, and trying to figure it all out. it was so much fun!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


off to florida with the boys tomorrow to see auntie jane and uncle bill. sis will be there which rocks!!

big c's all nighter. amazing!! i'll post when we get back.

schools out for summer!! i hate summer. it's too hot.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another contest WON!!

so i won again. my friend cathy says i need to start buying lottery tickets. maybe i should! Top Chef (one of my favorite shows) has a new show starting June 10th called Top Chef Masters. they had a contest for 250 viewers to host a party and post about it on the TC blog. they sent me a box of goodies!
6 t-shirts
2 bags pita chips
TC pitcher
TC chip/dip bowl
TC napkins
AND a $25 GIFT CARD!!!
i'm stoked! wanna come to my party?

oh and check out this pix by monkey

he is amazing! he just looked at the box and drew it.