Friday, June 29, 2007

SPICE up your life!!

THE SPICE GIRLS ARE BACK!!!as if you haven't heard by now! i have always been a huge spice girls fan. i have all 3 of their albums (yes they had 3), a spice girl's video and a copy of their full-length movie, spice girl's buttons, spice girl chupa pops and a concert t-shirt from 1998 when they came to charlotte. of course i was there!! it was a great show and i am jumping up and down knowing that they are going to tour again. of course it's only LA, NY and vegas but i have a good a chance of any to win tickets right? if you know anyone who can get me in, please contact me! :)

Monday, June 25, 2007

100 things continuted

92. i used to be a deadhead (well still am really). i have traveled as far as boston to see them play. that was the life! except the time michael asked me to hold his pack of cigarettes going into a show and it had a joint in it. thank God i had a pack in there too and that's the one they checked. or i would have been posting that i had been in jail before!

91. i love it when people stop me in the grocery store just to tell me how beautiful my hair is. and that happens a LOT!

90. i love to take pictures and i have every negative from every roll of film i have ever taken. even those weird disc cameras. yeah big box of junk i will never look at again. yipee for digital!

89. things i wanted to be when i grew up
1. a veterinarian. then i found out it's not all cute puppies and kittens
2. in Abba. still do btw!
3. a mom. huh
4. a novelist
5. famous

88. i lie to get people to like me. well not anymore (much) but a ton when i was younger. for example: i went with some friends when i was in Jr. High to see rick springfield *sigh* and i tried to convince them to tell everyone that we met him. now why would i do that? if i was there with some friends, obviously they liked me. i'm screwed up.

87. i have a thing for Tudor history. i love everything about King Henry VIII and his wives and Queen Elizabeth. they are pretty much the only non-fiction thing i read. but i love novels about them too. maybe it is a family thing because my cousin shawn is Tudor happy too.

86. my sister is my best friend. when we were little i hated her. i once put a match (not lit) in her mouth to make her stop crying. i bit her, beat her up, pinched her and basically made her life miserable. and now i have to like her because she is so much bigger that me! :) i am so lucky cause when she does something great i can remind her of all the stupid things she has done before and really make her sad. hehe just kidding! she is my best friend and i love her!


big c is at camp this week. i'm sure he is having a great time. hopefully it will not be too hot for them! monkey is going to day camp. he really enjoyed today. he has never been there before and i guess they were a little worried because the "camp counselor" told me how well he did. she seemed surprised. i should have warned her that he has never met a stranger!

we are so scratched up from this kitten. we are using lots of bacon band aids! but boy is she cute. and monkey just loves her. she runs to the door when we come home. her and zoe both.

Friday, June 22, 2007


oh my gosh i am soooo bored. this week has lasted forever. we have read, played video games, colored, played with the kitty, gone to the library, and the grocery store, played outside, made forts, watched movies and cleaned the house. i can't think of anything else to do. maybe we will play with play-do today. they are both off to camp next week. maybe that's why this week has been so long. and the childcare at the gym opens tomorrow!!!!!!! that is going to be a huge deal. i will have somewhere to go and burn off some steam and monkey will have some kids to play with.
big c can go into the bigger kids room and talk to someone his own age.

i think this stay at home mom thing is getting old. i can only do so much house work and i believe that kids should play by themselves (or with each other) and that i should not have to be "julie cruise director". they do great but sometimes it gets ugly. i think i need a job.

anyway needed something to do so i thought i would post!! :)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

movie recommendation

Have you seen The World's Fastest Indian? No, you say. Well go get it. It's a true story about a old man from New Zealand who has a motorcycle called an Indian. He has fine-tuned it until it can go super fast and his dream is to bring it to America and test it's speed on the salt flats in Utah. It stars Anthony Hopkins and it is a wonderful story. I could care less about fast motorcycles and cars but this movie is more about the relationships he forms and the people he meets. My whole family enjoyed it and Hopkins is so charming you wonder how he could ever play Hannibal the Cannibal! (one of my favorite movies btw!) So rent it this weekend and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

100 things you don't know about me

after feeling the pressure from other bloggers (namely melba and martha) i thought i would take a stab at this. wish me luck coming up with 100 things. i'm pretty much an open book

100. i used to wet the bed. big time. it would be so bad i would have to sleep on the floor because i didn't want to wake up my mom to change the sheets. she would get really mad at me. i think it was a result of my parents divorce. it scarred me.

99. i used to walk in my sleep. i would get up, take my pillow and go lay down in front of the tv. then i would get back up and go to bed. of course i don't remember this but my mom said she would come in the living room in the morning and the tv would be on. that's how she knew i had been up. she was afraid i would one night try to go out the door. so she put up chains on the doors. this is also as a result of my parents divorce. (i guess; i'm not a shrink!)

98. this is gross but you asked me to share. when i have to "go" i always have something with me to read. but i won't let myself "go" until i get to the exact spot to start reading. no thumbing thru magazines for me. that's how i get so much reading done! (i can't believe i'm posting this)

97. i'm obsessed with email and and my answering machine. if i leave the house for 2 minutes i come in and immediately check them both so see if anyone was trying to get in touch with me. i'm so bored being a housewife!!!

96. i have read all of the Little House on the Prairie and the Anne of Green Gables books over 100 times each. i love the simple lives they led. i still read them to this day. every year i read each series (that's 9 Little House and 8 Anne books). and i read the Clan of the Cave Bear Series books each year too. but i haven't read those over 100 times. they are much thicker.

95. when i was in 4th grade i lied to get out of taking P.E. and it worked. i hated P.E.

94. buttered popcorn is my favorite Jelly Belly flavor

93. melba and martha i hope you are sitting down. i have never been into a Victoria's Secret.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


we got our kitty on saturday. boy is she cute! the kids love her. and i have figured out that 4 is the perfect age to get a kitten. monkey just chases her and plays with her until she can't stand it anymore. she jumps up on top of the couch and goes to sleep. the first night we didn't sleep very well because she slept under the covers of our bed. she kept waking up and wanting to play. last night was better. i have no idea where she slept and i really didn't care! zoe and her are trying to make nice but it is going to take a few more days. zoe just wants to chase her and cassidy is not quite ready for that yet. so we are embarking on another adventure in our home. wish us luck!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


thursday the boys and i drove to jacksonville to visit aunt jane and uncle bill. and on friday sassy and our cousin lisa came in to visit too! what a great weekend. we went to the pool, colored, ate, drank, talked and just hung out. lots of laughter and fun family banter. everyone kept telling me how good the boys were and what a great mom i am. thanks for that! makes me feel so good! and they boys were on their best behavior so we really fooled them all! :)

Monday, June 4, 2007

monkey my artist

monkey LOVES to draw. he also enjoys coloring but i think his best work is what he does out of his head. big C was playing a spiderman game this morning and monkey went to work putting it all on paper. first we have the green gogglin. (that's how he says it - so cute!) then spiderman - note the web from spidey's hand. and finally doc oc. the boy must get this talent from his sassy. because i can't do anything as good as this!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

big's C is a middle schooler!

today my baby graduated from the 5th grade. i can not believe it. just yesterday he was a babe in my arms. what a wonderful kid. he is the best thing i have ever done.