Tuesday, June 23, 2009


there is a new hotel in town. Great Wolf Lodge. now i have that dumb song stuck in my head. anyway. they have a great indoor water park and a Magiquest. i had no idea what it was but saw it on a yahoo group post. checked out their website and thought it might be fun to do with monkey while big c was at the beach with caden. first of all this hotel is HUGE!!! looks like a big lodge. all cabinish and foresty. with lots of animals and wood. you go to the 2nd floor to the magiquest store. you have to pick a wand (the most expensive part, his was $20) but you get to keep it and used it forever. so you pick a wand, and a magi name and then they give you a book and start you on a quest. you have to go to the training area which is a video of a wizard telling you how to play the game. he teaches you how to use your wand and such. then you go to these trees with touch screens in them and do what it tells you. you have to start off finding runes. when you are done with all of those (i think there are 10) you can do adventures. this is all spread out on 3 floors of the hotel and the elevator is soooooo slow you have to use the stairs. we were up and down those things i swear 30 times. b/c in order to get a rune you have to solve the puzzle in the book and that gives you the rune. it's all done electronically with the wand. there are boxes of jewels you have to open and "collect". there are books that talk to you. pictures on the walls that you have to point at and they tell you things.

the walls are painted like forests. they whole place is just AMAZING!!! i think b/c monkey doesn't read very well(and he has short legs) we were not able to finish finding all the runes. but when you purchase an "adventure" it stays open for 4 days. so we are going to go back tomorrow or thursday to finish this quest. then when big c gets back from the beach we will take him and let him start his own adventure. there were kids and adults of all ages, running, laughing, and trying to figure it all out. it was so much fun!!!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


off to florida with the boys tomorrow to see auntie jane and uncle bill. sis will be there which rocks!!

big c's all nighter. amazing!! i'll post when we get back.

schools out for summer!! i hate summer. it's too hot.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another contest WON!!

so i won again. my friend cathy says i need to start buying lottery tickets. maybe i should! Top Chef (one of my favorite shows) has a new show starting June 10th called Top Chef Masters. they had a contest for 250 viewers to host a party and post about it on the TC blog. they sent me a box of goodies!
6 t-shirts
2 bags pita chips
TC pitcher
TC chip/dip bowl
TC napkins
AND a $25 GIFT CARD!!!
i'm stoked! wanna come to my party?

oh and check out this pix by monkey

he is amazing! he just looked at the box and drew it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


sandwiches are so old school.

(where would he learn that? and why would he say it about sandwiches of all things!?)

Friday, May 29, 2009


after being repeatedly scolded for not blogging, i'm girding up my loins to do so. i just find that facebooking is so much easier! i don't have to find more than about 25 words to make my point known. but i'll update here for those who don't FB.

so school is almost out for big c. he gets out on the 11th but we are going to florida then so his last day is the 10th. he has done so well this year. it was hard in the beginning but i'm so glad we decided to put him in this school. not only has he had to work for his grades, but he has really enjoyed what he has learned. his teachers are amazing and the principal is a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to keep the kids and their parents happy. and to top it all off he has a girlfriend. they had their 6 month anniversary on tuesday. she is a sweetie and even tho she is very shy around me, i like her lots. and he has kissed her! and he told me!! i love that we have that kind of relationship. i'm hoping it will last thru the whole teenage years! he is still playing in the youth band at church and gets better all the time. and now he is teaching himself to play my guitar. (which i still can't play!) what a great kid. he is going to the beach with a friend for a week then going to panama beach with the youth group for 5 days. and he has a seasons pass for carowinds. i'm hardly gonna see him at all this summer!

just some ouchies from skateboarding

monkey is done with school as well. this year he learned to read and to do math. he likes reading but is lazy and would rather do something else. (unlike his mother!) but math. man he is a whiz at it! he asks to do subtraction! where in the world did that come from? (not from his mother!) but his imagination is what amazes me! he can play with anything and make a whole world out of it. and i'm not talking about toys. we have some sample bottle of hubby's meds and i gave them to him to play with. (b/c he asked. weird kid) and he has put stuff in them, built with them, invented stuff with them etc. he is awesome! i guess not having anyone but me to play with most of the time, he gets creative when he can! he did not get into the school we wanted him to for 1st grade so he will be homeschooled again. but i am going to put him in martial arts and hopefully a lego club and an art class. he loves to draw. and he's pretty good at it too. now i have to find a curriculium for him.

we have been super busy with church. we helped with a homemakeover which was AMAZING!! hubby of course was there the whole weekend but it was also when the Beans were here so it was not easy for me to be there. Rand went with hubby and then later that night we all went to see Dave Matthews Band.
that was awesome!! and angela and i went shopping and had lunch and left all the kids home together.

that was so great for us! but church. hubby is still playing in the band. but now only every other week and the opposite week he works in the parking lot. and i'm loving being with my 2 year olds every week. they are a huge blessing to me! and i love getting to know all the parents that way too. monkey of course can't wait for sunday's b/c he gets to play with kids. he informed me that he has a girlfriend but i haven't met her yet! wednesday's in june we will have nighttime life groups. can't wait for that! todd is going to talk about the words of Jesus. i should earn a lot.

oh and lucy. our kitty. she is so much fun! and she loves to give kisses and sleep on the bed. i love a snugly kitty. however she is the most ungraceful cat ever! she can hardly jump up on chairs. cracks us up. she and the dog get along great. zoe will chase her down the hall and then he comes zoe being chased by the cat. love it!

good grief. that's all i can do for now. my fingers hurt.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

so much for keeping updated here.

kids went to the dentist today. monkey's first time! i know he's almost 6 but when you don't have insurance you don't go to the dentist. fortunately they got my hubby's amazing choppers. the dentist was doing a little dance he was so excited at how great their teeth were. and he thinks neither one of them will ever need braces! very awesome!!

my monkey is so creative. he made himself a campfire because he wanted to roast marshmallows. check these out.
he took stuff from around the house and made the fire. and he even created his own stick with marshmallow. and the marshmallow is brown and on fire!! so adorable!!

look at that face!! i can not believe he is going to be six next month! man time sure flies!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


i need to change the title of my blog from kay's simple life to what does kay think she is doing?

hubby lost his job. i got a promotion at work. don't get excited. just counting tills and working at guest services. but still more hours and more money. supposedly. hasn't happened yet. i don't want to work to begin with so i'm not super excited.

house was getting foreclosed on then someone came up with a huge interest free loan for us. people rock.

kids got lice again and big c gave it to a friend who's mom proceeded to loose it and chose never speak to me again because of it. that was hard. but i'm getting over it.

big c turned 13!! had a huge party with lots of kids and lots of fun. and he has a new girl. danni. very sweet.

i got a kitty for Christmas! thank you peggy! her name is lucy and she is adorable. gray just like my old cat Bart. she is my kitty no doubt! she follows me around and sleeps on my head at the top of my pillow. i love her.

i will be 40 this year and my sis is coming to town and having a huge party for me. i have invited all of my facebook friends that live in town and it's gonna be fun!! if you're near charlotte on march 7th, let me know. i'll send you directions.

church rocks. we got our new building and it's great but i miss the little one. it was cozy.

i think that's it in a nutshell. sorry i haven't been around much. i'll post pix of the kitten soon. (i hope!)

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

i need to get in here and update this thing! hopefully tomorrow