Wednesday, April 30, 2008


i know this is supposed to be wordless but i just have to say that all of these pix are made entirely out of food! how cool is that?!

Monday, April 28, 2008


i think! :) don't want to tempt fate. the cough was the worst. that lingered on forever. we had 2 gig's yesterday and i think i coughed up a lung! but maybe i got all the bad stuff out too! :)

my kids are sooo glad i'm feeling better. they were so tired of taking care of me. especially big c. what a great kid he is. he fetched and toted and took care of me and his brother like he was born to do it. i would wake up from a nap and he would have made them both lunch!

like i said we had 2 gig's yesterday. (i feel like such a rock star saying gig!) the first one was at a huge ice skating rink. they were having Christian music day and wanted a live band. they loved us! the guys in the band didn't think it went well but they are so critical. my theory is, if i enjoyed myself and the audience enjoyed it, then we did a good job. but it was cold!! i was smart and took a hoodie. and they booked us for june and july! :)

then we went to a little country church to play for a youth group's fund-raiser. the band on before us was a bluegrass band made up of 4 really old people. they were amazing! and all of the old people in the church were sitting up front. once we got started they moved to the back real fast! and all of the kids moved up front. and they danced and sang the whole time. it was great! they raised over $800 for their trip. we were glad to help.

we had tornado watch here today. we got the closet all decked out with pillows and flashlights just in case. monkey was really scared. so we prayed about it and he calmed down a lot. we just kept telling him it was like a fire drill in school. i don't think he believed us!

when are you getting your stimulus check? are you excited?!! what are you going to do with it?
ours will come in the second round. i'm excited about paying bills with it! :)

thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts while i was out of commission. i have a contract that has to get done by wednesday so i will be checking out everyone's blogs while i'm on hold!

oh and some sad news. one of my favorite bloggers has decided to go underground with her blog. feel free to leave her some love here to let her know that she will be missed and to reconsider her undergroundness.

Monday, April 21, 2008

it's official. i have the flu. i finally went to the dr on saturday and she was shocked that i had the flu this late in the season. lucky me.

and yesterday was my 17th wedding anniversay. i celebrated by laying on the couch all day and having a peanut butter sandwich.

oh and friday was my 1 year blog-a-versary. i can't believe it's been a year already. and i still haven't finished the 100 things about me. gotta get on that.

hope to be feeling better soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

hot blooded

i have a fever of 103!

sick as a dog.

the only reason i'm here is i turned the computer on for the kids so i could nap.

how can i be sick again?!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

to my sister after her birthday

i have a sister as many of you know. her birthday was sunday and i (the slack sister) didn't do anything about it. i think Wicked messed up my brain. so i just wanted to send a little happy birthday (late) shout-out to my favorite sister!

sis and i are only 13 months apart so growing up we were very close. and that is not always a good thing. look at how messy she was. i mean some of that had to come off on me too right? i spent a lot of time in my crib because i had bitten her or maybe put a match in her mouth or something. she was always whining that i had hurt her in some way or another. (liar)

as we got older we started to get along a little better. and i think that lasted about a year. she was constantly making ME do the brunt of the chores. all because i was older. like changing the sheets with the cat in them or vacuuming the stairs with my hands because she was too lazy to pull the machine out.

then i went to high school while she was still in middle school. finally! a break from the sis! but that only lasted a year too. then she was in high school with me. following me around, wanting to hang out with me and my cool friends. sneaking behind my back and wearing my makeup and listening to my music. oh yes. she wanted to be like me.
after high school she went away to collage. boy. i never realized how much i would miss her. the place was empty. no one to fight with. no one to talk to. no one to hang out with. hey wait a minute! i love this person. probably as much as you can love a sister.

ever since then we have been close. best friends close.

i don't know anyone who has ever met her that didn't like her. she is funny. oh my gosh, so funny!! and talented. man the girl has ideas that would blow you away. smart. runs her own super-successful business. beautiful. (inside and out!) i mean look at her! tall, blonde, blue eyes. gorgeous! and generous to a fault. would give you her last cute t-shirt off of her back. not to mention that she is the best aunt EVER!! my kids adore her. and she loves them something fierce.

so here's to you melissa. my sister. my best friend. happy birthday! i love you!

Monday, April 14, 2008

the wonderful world of WICKED!!!

saturday night was a fulfillment of a dream let me tell you!! what an amazing show! we had super-great seats right on the isle so i didn't have to worry about anyones head being in my way! (being short has it's disadvantages!) the stage design was larger than life with this HUGE dragon hanging over the stage. his head moved, blew smoke and his eyes glowed red. and the singing was outstanding! those people can really belt it out! we laughed, i cried and i got goosebumps. even my DH who is a man of few words said he loved it. if you ever have the chance to see it, GO!

because the show is a sell out the place where it is being held kept back 20 tickets for each night. and if you show up 2 hours before curtain you can put your name in a lottery to be able to buy 2 orchestra seats for $25 each. i would really like to have big c go to see it. so we are going to put our name in the lottery and see what happens. good thing it's not too far from home!

i just keep thinking about it. since the soundtrack is in my car i have been going over it in my mind too. i'm even dreaming about it. i can see how people can get obsessed with things so easily!

Friday, April 11, 2008


oh my gosh i'm so excited!! i read the book years ago and loved it. and as i don't live anywhere near new york city i have never been able to see the show. well it's in town this month. and yesterday i won an auction on ebay for tickets to this saturday nights show! orchestra 8th row!! i am beside myself! yipee for me!!!

i can't wait to tell you all about it! but here is a little tidbit of what i get to see...

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

i dream a lot. and i can remember most of what i dream. pretty random stuff. unfortunately i feel like i don't sleep as well because i'm so busy in my dreams. and they don't normally bother me. but last nights was very strange. i was on stage with trisha yearwood (i know! and i hate country music!) and all of the sudden this weird string started coming out of my nose. not like string you would sew with but string you would use to tie up a package. i would pull it about 3 inches or so and it would break off. then it would come back. and it kept happening. then we went to the beach and i still couldn't get it to come out. i was showing someone (i think it was my sister and mrs. hill [don't ask]) and then it started coming out and not breaking. feet of it. like 10 feet. finally i got to the point where it would not come out anymore and i pulled and pulled and out popped this weird thing that i guess was holding all the string in it. what?!?! what kinda strange dream was that? string out of my nose. hello? can anyone help me with this?

Monday, April 7, 2008

Panther's Stadium Tour

about 2 weeks ago my friend Deborah and i decided to take our kids on a tour of our local football stadium. every wednesday they do a public tour. the guide said it was the most crowded he had seen it in months. just my luck. so we carpooled downtown, found super-close parking and headed out. of course we parked on the opposite side of the stadium from the gate we were supposed to enter by but we got to see lots of monuments and the gift shop. first they took us out into the stadium. we couldn't go out on the field because they were printing lines and symbols on it. they guide told us all the blah, blah, blah about what happens there and how our stadium is the best in the NFL. (just what he said) but the whole time he was talking they were jack-hammering something up on the top of the stadium. thank goodness we were right in front of him because most people couldn't hear a thing he said.
then he took us upstairs. and since there were sooo many people we had to take two trips in the elevator and were smushed in with a bunch of strangers. i could just feel the germs flying around in there. yuck! we got to go into the visitors locker room. the public is not allowed in the panthers locker room. i guess they have secret stuff going on in there! it was sooo freakin' hot in there we were dying. the room was boring but it was huge. once again the guide told us that it was the best visitor locker room in the NFL. i wonder if he gets a bonus for every time he says that. the kids were kinda bored because he just talked on and on and on. we got to see sir purr (mascot) and the top cat's locker rooms (cheerleaders). we learned about lots of internal stuff that goes on during games. even deborah, who hates football, really enjoyed herself.

then the really good stuff. we got to go into the special boxes. those things have it all. and boy do you pay for it! we even got to see the super-special box that is named for jerry richardson. (the panthers owner) they made us stay on the carpet and not get on the nice floors in that room! we wandered around some more and ended up in the press boxes. those people have it made in there! they don't even have to watch the game. the stadium provides them with all the stats they need to write their columns. and tons of free food. what a life. i think several kids decided then and there they were going to be sports writers after seeing that!
i was really excited to see the room where they do the tv commentary. the room where john madden does his magic. and boy what a let down. just a boring room with a duct-taped table. i guess they gussy it up when the stars come to town.
at the end the guide asked us if we would like to have a free panthers calendar. of course the hands went flying up let me tell you. then he decided that it was time to clean out the closet of all of last years stuff. and we got one of everything. what a bunch of junk. the kids loved it! and we didn't have to buy anything in the gift shop!
all in all it was a super great day. the kids really enjoyed themselves! i think we spent a total of $13 and that included parking! as we were leaving, amelia who is 4, said mommy, when does the game start. so cute!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

i think that maybe i'm going to be able to start blogging again this week. i have missed it. and all of you. so much has been going on around here. we had easter, mikey birthday and party, a trip to Panthers stadium, my one month of being on my drugs (yipee drugs!) and i start a new contract monday. so that will keep me near my computer so i can get busy catching up on everyone!

i'm feeling good!! the weather this weekend has been crappy from all of the rain, but we sure do need it. and it's not making me sad or anxious. hopefully this week will be better since it's spring break. the dogwood trees are blooming and the azaleas are beautiful!

here is a pix of my 2 adorable boys on our outing to the football stadium 2 weeks ago. i plan to post on the trip because it was so cool!

happy weekend!!!