Monday, February 27, 2012

hit or miss monday!!!

i'm actually posting this on a monday! woo-hoo! i guess staying up to watch the oscars then getting up early, really paid off for my blog today! not really. i'm pooped.

for my hits!!

is this the best idea ever!!! girl gets roses, boys gets bacon! love!

hahahaha!! i love this! but i'm thinking mario doesn't have a blue-tooth. i could be wrong...

and my misses...

who even came up with this idea?? must be a man b/c no woman would even THINK about wearing something that sharp and plasticy on their body. but i guess as a nursing bra you wouldn't have to worry about leaks...

and this. when i first saw it, i stared. then i pinned it. and i stared some more. and it keeps getting weirder. yet i can't look away....and what's going on with her arm/wrist/hand? see i keep spotting weirder stuff!!

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