Wednesday, July 11, 2007

more of me if you can handle it

85. i sleep with a blankie. my grandmother used to make quilts and i have been sleeping with this one for about 20 years. it is mine and i don't share it. it's pink on one side and most of the stitching is coming out so all of the stuffing is gone. it's pretty much 2 pieces of material held together by those little tied pieces of string. so every night when i go to bed i pull the covers down and spread my blankie on just my side of the bed. makes DH nuts. get over it. he steals all the other covers anyway so i have to be prepared.

84. i love kids music. of course i have kids so it works out well. but i have laurie berkner on my ipod along with the muppets, schoolhouse rock and veggie tales. i'm such a child at heart.

83. i knew the minute i saw my DH that i was going to marry him. and i was dating his best friend todd. so i kicked todd to the curb and hooked up with michael. that was when he was 16 and i was 19. yikes!! and it's been bliss ever since! hahahahahahahahahaha
no really it's weird how something like that happens. todd, michael and his then girlfriend casey just showed up at my door one day while i was having lunch. i was having tuna. not a great food to make a first impression with. anyway todd introduced me to him and it was like a shock. he says he felt that way too. but he may have said that just to get lucky.

82. i have a great memory. makes my DH sick. cause he can never win. and i remember lots of usless stuff. my kids are always amazed by what i can remember. i just tell them it's the usless knowledge compartment in my brain. like i can remember my phone number and address of the house i lived in in tampa. we moved in when i was 3 and left when i was 10. 882-1121 8015 W Pocohontas St. Tampa, Fl 33615. i'm so weird


Mel said...

how funny! i remember every address/zip of everywhere i've ever lived (starting with florida) too...but not phone numbers. well, some of them.

i didnt know that about you and mike. and who is Todd? i dont remember a todd.

marthamisdemeanor said...

I remember that I lived somewhere in NY at some time when I was young. Or maybe when I was a teenager, wait no, when I was young. ha ha ha.. can you tell that I have a hard time with dates and such! ha ha ha.. I just make up stuff instead, way more fun and it's different everytime! :)

That's so awesome that you and DH knew! :) What a cute story! I love it!

kim said...

...and Freddie Basko, ate a burrito, with tabasco -- they put it on their rice, they put it on their beans, they ate their rutabegas and they ate their collard greens. Hey Victor...

I can't get through this one song on the "Miss Spider's World" CD without crying -- my kids aren't too sure about what goes on there.

imkay32 said...

oh my gosh!! we love victor and freddie! we keep them in the car. such fun to sing too.