Thursday, May 8, 2008

sorry it has taken me so long to post these. i could not find my ubs cord for my camera. uggh! anyway. what a great day to go to the zoo. we went with deborah and her 3 kids. logan is big c's age, jeremy is 8 and monkey ADORES him and amelia is 4 and wants to marry monkey. we got there and it was cold! and we were all wearing shorts. but hey, i'll take cold over hot any day! we took a stroller for the little guys because this zoo requires lots and lots of walking.

"Located about 75 miles west of Raleigh in Asheboro, the North Carolina Zoo is nationally recognized as one of the nation's finest zoos. It was the first American zoo designed from its inception around the "natural habitat" philosophy--presenting animals and plants in exhibits that closely resemble the habitats in which they would be found in the wild.
The zoo's animal collections includes about 1,100 speciemens representing about 250 different species of mammals, reptiles, birds and insects. Among the most popular exhibits are those that display polar bears, sea lions, river otters, alligators, elephants, gorillas, baboons, rhinoceros, giraffes, and zebras. The 37-acre African Plains exhibit alone is as large a many entire zoos. The Sonora Desert, an indoor recreation of the famous desert of the American Southwest, is alive with fascinating denizens of that hot, dry climate. The N.C. Zoo is the nation's largest walk-through natural-habitat zoo. Its African and North American exhibit regions span more than 500 acres with more than five miles of walkways. At N.C. Zoo, you will see some of the world’s rarest wildlife.

well we got out of the car and monkey immediately jumps into his stroller. he loves that thing so much he will sometimes roll it out of the shed and just sit in it in the driveway. strange child. i could hardly get him out of it. amelia would not even go near it. she walked the whole way. we had packed snacks and lunches and water to save on the $$. and we had a time limit because deborah had somewhere she had to be at 6:30 so we needed to leave no later than 3:30. we started walking. we saw

the polar bear was asleep but we got to see the sea lions. and you can go underneath their tank and watch them swimming. so cool! and the otters were adorable! they were nuzzling each other like cats. to sweet.

they have a great play area that is all made out of recycled materials and we stopped there to let the kids play and we all got ice cream! we have been to this zoo 3 times and every time we go i get a picture of the boys eating ice cream. check these out!
big c...


it's about and hour and 1/2 drive so we really felt like we had taken a mini-vacation. and even though we were tired we really had a great day!


Nicki said...

I love the zoo! So do the kids... We could spend the whole day there! In fact I think on my birthday next week I'm going to celebrate at the zoo... seriously! I sort of don't like the concept of animals in cages... but there's something magical about the zoo isn't there?

Gustogirl said...

I love the zoo. Looks like you guys had a great day!!!

Melissa said...

Love the pictures! Hope loves the zoo, too!

I want big c's hair!! :)

SuperCoolMom said...

Our zoo is huge and has all the natural habitats too - so frickin' natural that we can never see the stinkin bears because they are always off in a corner.

I hope you went to the Sonoran Desert exhibit and thought of us! It looks like a very fun day!

Melek said...

it really freaks me out how much big C looks like jason castro from Idol. those eyes are dead on.

as for the zoo, our trip to the austin zoo was so fun. come back soon and we'll do it again. but not in July this time :)

Crazymamaof6 said...

looked awesome! that is one fabulous ZOO!

Cecily R said...

Love the zoo and love all the photo ops!! Looks like a fabulous day!!

Susie said...

I love the zoo. love it.
we joined ours so we can go as much as we like!
the zoo is the reason I started my 'green' revolution. recycling was all I did before Sophie and now we do tons of stuff because of things we learn at the zoo.
I'm so glad I'm not the only one who likes it so much. thanks for sharing all the info--Great pics--if I ever visit NC I might have to check out the zoo!
your boys are way handsome btw and little monkey looked soo happy in the stroller with ice cream