Thursday, September 25, 2008

what's happening in your town?

this is what is going on where i live. can anyone send me some gas.......

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Lines crawled out into the streets leading up to the Exxon gas station on Pineville-Matthews Road on Thursday morning, as it was one of the few stations in Charlotte with fuel.

Exxon actually hired security guards to help with the lines.

"I can’t believe it," said one driver in line, who waited an hour for gas. "But I have to, my car’s on 'E.'"

But that wasn't helping many of the drivers waiting in line in Charlotte on Thursday morning.

"My truck is out of gas," said Diane Manzare. "So I'll also have to get a gas can to get some gas for my truck."

The managers at the Exxon had expected to have enough gas to last the morning, but just before 8 a.m., the station announced that it had run out gas, leaving more than 40 drivers angrily heading off some in search of gas somewhere else.

On Wednesday, finding gas in the Charlotte area was like a treasure hunt for some drivers.

"I passed like six or seven gas stations that were completely out," one driver told NewsChannel 36.

"South Boulevard doesn't have any. Independence doesn't have any.(this is the main road from my house!) No one has gas," said another.

For those who found gas, lines were long.

"I decided to stop because I was about to run out," said one man. "I'm on E. I'm sitting here with the truck turned off just rolling inch by inch as the line slowly moves, and hopefully I can get in and get some gas and not get into the parking lot and have them run out."

There were also reports of tempers flaring at the pumps. NewsChannel 36 reporters saw a fight break out at one station after someone cut in line.

Viewers have also reported many near-accidents because of people trying to get into gas stations.


Melek said...

mom emailed me something similar about the lines this morning. i just DON'T understand it. is the news saying why? i mean, the hurricane was 2 weeks ago. nobody in TX was affected. our gas is still plentiful and around $3.60.

anyone else having gas shortages?

Crazymamaof6 said...

we aren't having shortages that i'm aware of. but that gets scary. hopefully they get some soon. i ration my gas anyway. by not leaving if i don't have to, and driving my small car instead of my Van.
we had that happen a couple years ago. NOT FUN!

Melissa said...

That's odd. No shortage here...and gas prices are finally starting to drop.

I hope things settle down soon.

oyer said...

hey, I with you, we need gas!!! this is crazy. my mom who lives just two hours away does not have this problem, what is up with us?
I might have to ride my trike and put diamond in the basket ;o)

Supercool Hotmama said...

I saw gas at $3.36 today, and there seems to be plenty. Why in the world are you guys running so low? Scary!