Wednesday, June 3, 2009

another contest WON!!

so i won again. my friend cathy says i need to start buying lottery tickets. maybe i should! Top Chef (one of my favorite shows) has a new show starting June 10th called Top Chef Masters. they had a contest for 250 viewers to host a party and post about it on the TC blog. they sent me a box of goodies!
6 t-shirts
2 bags pita chips
TC pitcher
TC chip/dip bowl
TC napkins
AND a $25 GIFT CARD!!!
i'm stoked! wanna come to my party?

oh and check out this pix by monkey

he is amazing! he just looked at the box and drew it.


Melek said...

looks like monkey may have some of big C's artistic talent. and yes, go buy a lottery ticket! or maybe we'll just buy a few while we're in FL

Femme au Foyer said...

How cool that you won and what a wonderful picture!!! He's very talented!