Wednesday, May 12, 2010

i made dinner totally from stuff i had on hand! i haven't done that in forever! we had some left over rotisserie chicken, so i made some brown rice, i had a small container of sour cream and i mixed that with a can of green chilis, some dried parsley and basil. i added a can of diced tomatoes, a can of pinto beans, (i really wanted black beans but didn't have any) and s&p. we will see what happens! just excited about that!

and i have to confess. we are going to todd and miranda's wedding this weekend. first of all i'm so happy for them. they so "complete" each other. really. it's amazing. anyway. we got invited to the reception. so i'm stoked. but if i don't get to sit with some of the "cool kids" i'm gonna be very upset. why does it bother me so much that i have to be in with the "popular crowd"? even at church? come on. what's wrong with me? i know lots of ppl that will be there and i have already told michael that there are some of them i just won't sit with. not b/c i don't like them but b/c they are not in the "in" crowd. i'm a mess.


Melek said...

I feel that way (about the in crowd) a lot too. Like you're gonna miss out on the good stuff if you're sitting with the not-so-popular people. But, generally what happens is you end up having a really good time with the other people you sit with. You're the kind of person who could make friends with a paper bag, so I wouldn't worry. I know you'll have fun regardless. And I think they even let you get up from the table at the at that point, you can go chat with the popular ppl :)

And I LOVE when I can pull off a meal that I didn't even know I had. I made chicken soft tacos the other night and I hadn't even planned on it.

Femme au Foyer said...

Throughout my life, some of the coolest people I've known were not in the "in crowd".