Monday, October 4, 2010

mad mad mad!!!

some people make me soooo mad!!!!!!!!! i try really hard to follow the rules and when other people don't i could just bite their heads off. we had ladies night out friday night at church. i was really looking forward to it. i was a table leader and we were supposed encourage people to sit with someone they hadn't met. there are lots of women at my church who don't know anyone and this would be a great opportunity for them to meet other women and hopefully form some friendships. i do happen to know the majority of people there b/c i work in kid city so i felt like i wanted to have ladies i wasn't really "friends" with, just knew their names and kids names. anyway. i invited people to sit at my table that i kinda knew. great! there were 2 people there who were guests and so was glad to have them at my table. but did everyone do what i did??? OH FREAKIN' NO!!!!!!!!!!!! one girl (i call her that b/c she is so d*%n immature) had only the "popular" ladies at her table. all of her friends. not one new person or stranger was invited to sit at HER table. oh no. she is way tooo good for that. make sure everyone knows that she is so well liked that only the well know, pretty people sit at her table. i have since, deleted her from my facebook and my phone. i can't wait for her to try to talk to me. i'm so pissed off!!! i actually left the GNO early b/c i was so mad i was crying.

of course that kinda makes me immature too i suppose. but hey this is MY blog and i can write anything i want to right!?!!

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NerdyRedneck Rob said...

Well I know you are married so this is NOT flirting but you are certainly one of the pretty people. Since I am one of the "invisible" people it warms my heart that you made such an effort to get to know "my people" :)