Wednesday, January 26, 2011

t's cheese stick

i felt very encouraged today by reading my friend teresa's blog over at t's turn. she had something odd but not over the top odd happen to her and she blogged about it. i think my problem with my blog is i feel like i have to have something exciting to write about or it's not worth it. so i'm taking a page from teresa and blogging about not much.

making caleb do school work is like pulling teeth. he's in his room with all his musical instruments and when he is supposed to be writting a paper or something i'll hear the sound of a ukulele coming from behind closed doors. i have kind of let him slide but not anymore! i'm going to be studying his subjects with him so i am sure of what he is getting out of it. i mean i already do it with mikey so i might as well learn more right???

and mikey. that boy. oh i love him so. the things he says make me laugh and laugh. he was playing with his corks (we save everything around here) and he said "this one is my particular favorite. i'm not sure what particular means but it sounds good"!!! and the fact that he plays with corks. come on. imaginative should be his middle name.

we have had some snow. or should i say 2 snows this year. and a birthday. i can't believe caleb is 15! and he had 20 kids at his party. and they were ALL taller than me. it was very very weird.

and here are some random pix of stuff that makes me smile. some of it is from our homeschool co-op which we love!!!


Brianne said...

So glad to see you back to posting! It's the little things in life you want to remember, it doesn't always have to be big. :D Is Caleb homeschooling now? So glad to see things going well with you guys!

Melek said...

YAY!!! Kay blogged!! i love hearing little updates about your life, i mean, other than thru our daily phone calls :) and the photos are awesome. keep it coming. you'll love looking back at this one day and seeing all the day to day things you did.

now, if only I could live by those words too. i haven't posted since november :)

Teresa said...

So glad to inspire you!! I honestly debated about even blogging it since it was completely ridiculous...and still missing!!!.....but then I thought, what the hey, ya know?

Tammy said...

It is, after all, Kay's SIMPLE Life!!

kay said...

haha tammy!! so true!