Monday, January 2, 2012

new years resolution

so yesterday, the first day of the new year, pastor mark was teaching at church. i just love him! he always makes me smile! his teaching was about the 5 things he would wish for us in 2012. great idea! to start off he asked us to turn to our neighbor (which was my hubby) and tell them one good thing that happened in 2011. do you know i couldn't think of ONE SINGLE THING??!!! but i could tell you 1,125,250,955 things that were not good. what in the heck is wrong with me!! on the way home i was thinking about it and came up with tons of AWESOME things that happened in 2011. i just am confused as to why none of them could come to me on the spur of the moment. and why only bad things popped into my head. so my resolution this year is to make sure i document all the great/awesome/fantastic things that happen this year, 2012. even if it's only fantastic to me. b/c really it's my blog and i make all the rules right! :)

so already in 2012 prayers are being answered. had some truly special people bless us at church yesterday. and not just with physical things. prayer are being lifted up for my husband and family. and we can tell! so thanks my wonderful friends!

and the first dinner of the new year, AMAZING! black eyed peas, ham and cornbread with some greens on the side. in the crockpot no less. so super easy, delicious dinner was a success! :)

and know what else is fantastic already!??!! i got up and took a walk this morning. yay me!

time for school. but here is something awesome that happened in 2011... a family Christmas picture!! never happened before. i'm blessed!

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blog author said...

you know, i thought about that too....we've never done a family christmas portrait. we should try to remember that next year or next visit.
i did this same thing too...i was able to easily stack up all the bad things that happened in 2011, and trust me, there were plenty. but then when i really sat and thought about it, i could remember quite a few good ones too. it's just harder to remember the good bc sometimes they don't make as dramatic an impact as the bad. good thing to try to focus on this year.