Saturday, August 18, 2012

iphone photo dump

my mom FINALLY got a cat!! he is so sweet. she named him baby. he has a mustache so i think baby is appropriate don't you? (not!)

                                  i made salad in a jar! this is before...
                                             and this is after!!!
           in preparing for our WDW trip in february, i pulled out an oldie but goodie.  this is our 10th anniversary.  and that is caleb not mikey.  he's 5

                      he hates to have his picture taken anymore. poop
                             why do they have to grow up???

mikey's tower of legos.  he has been building this for months.  it's never going to be finished as far as i can see.  notice the nice housekeeping in the clothes drawer. 

co-op started this week and this is composer study.  this month the kids are listening to the music of john williams.  can you tell what he has written music for???

              denver and nick came to spend the day and i gave them a nature  scavanger hunt to do.  these are some of the the things they collected

went to my mom's to see her new cat and she pulled out some old albums.  this on in particular tugged at my heart strings. notice it says kay rogers on it.  in my dad's handwriting.  ah memories!

the boys were invited to gabe's 7th birthday.  mikey is "in training" to be a gymnast.  (the olympics were on this week)  he had a great time and we love to be able to really train in a gym.
                                                 nice balance mikey!


               we got invited to ben's 1st birthday.  i was in baby heaven!!!
there were babies EVERYWHERE!!  and they don't make no ugly babies at next level church i tell ya!!!

        i found this on my instagram and wanted it on my blog.  it's well over a year old but i love it!!


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i love your photo dump posts!!! do more of these! :)

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