Tuesday, May 8, 2007

spiderman spiderman does whatever a spider can

ok so friday night we went to see spiderman. being the smart cookie that i am i went early and got tickets. good idea. our movie (and probably all the other ones) sold out. we go to the concession stand to get popcorn and there is ONE girl behind the counter. HELLO!! have you heard that spiderman is supposed to be the huge summer blockbuster. and doesn't that mean that people are going to want some snacks. i was pissed. i went to the manager and they got more peeps on the popcorn!

we go in and get our seats. and good ones too. and we only have 1/2 hour to wait. (thank goodness we didn't bring monkey!) the place is starting to fill up and a family plops down next to us. man, 2 women and 2 kids. great no problem. the movie starts and everyone quiets down. first little bit is exciting and everyone is paying attention except the 2 women next to me. they are whispering and giggling. in spanish. pissed me off but i deal. then the movie starts to slow down and more people start whispering. and btw if you have not seen spiderman 1 and 2 PLEASE see them before you go to this movie. then you won't have to ask your husband/boyfriend/sister/mother/child/brother/friend, who that is and what that is all about. stupid people. anyway the guy next to me. his phone rang. 4 times!! and he answered it!! and talked on it!!! i almost came unglued. DH was soooo pissed. he yelled at the guy (in a loud whisper) to turn the d*#m phone off. he was M A D. but the guy did. and he even shushed the women he was with.

long story short (haha) the movie was OK. Big C loved it. DH and I were not that impressed. not for $300 million. they tired to put too much into it. too many bad guys. but i do love spiderman so it was worth seeing and we will add it to our DVD collection.

so much for a night out on the town!! :)


Mel said...

is DH for "designated husband" or "dear husband" or "dead husband" or "dingleberry husband" or "doorknob handle"????

marthamisdemeanor said...

Dang! I've missed a lot! I had forgotten to check this blog! Whee! Yeah, I had heard that S3 wasn't that good. Well, that it wasn't what they hyped it up to be!

Ha ha.. DH could also be:
Doo Doo Hole
Disgruntle Hairpie
Dirty Hangnail
Dope Hair (like yours!)

ha ha Love this game!

And dang, I need to sell some stuff on Ebay!

imkay32 said...

hey martha!!

glad you remembered me!

congrats on your tat. makes me want another one.......

Dayne'sWife said...

Yo, it's Leigh. From Austin. Mel's friend. YOU REMEMBER ME!!!

First off, I vote for Blake. He is HOT. Too bad he is going home tonight prolly. I STILL LOVE HIM AND PLAN TO MARRY HIM. Please don't tell my husband.

Re: Reading. The best book I have ever read is "Love is a Wild Assault." It is the first-person true account of a woman's life in early TX history. I discovered it when I was in East Texas (in Texas' most haunted small town, Jefferson, of course, duh). IT IS AWESOME. I know the title sounds like a romance novel, but it is not. This woman was the reason we have community property laws - she was a feminist before anybody ever know anything about anything. I mean, she wasn't a LESBIAN or anything...

Anyway, and these chicks have obviously never been on theknot.com - how do you NOT KNOW what DH stands for?? They probably dont' know what an MIL or FIL is. Amateurs. Once they HAVE an MIL or FIL, they will KNOW. My FIL is okay - he's a semi-drunk "farmer," but my MIL is a piece of work. Like most MILs. My husband has a GREAT MIL.

Okay, go back to your little Melinda Doolittle Fan Club meeting. Did you notice that like only about 14 people came to greet her in Nashville??? A buncha white people going, "Uh... We like the white girl. Or boy. Or whuddever. We like 'em WHITE!"

Okay, bye,

imkay32 said...

like i could EVER forget YOU!!!

thanks for the tip on the book. i will check it out!

i love my MIL!! she is awesome. it's my real M that gets all over my over my nerves.

boo blake (and jordan for that matter)