Thursday, May 17, 2007


melinda went home last night. i can't even describe how sad i am. my eyes are all puffy this morning from crying. bad move Idol. so the season is over for me. which is kinda nice. now i don't have to plan my tuesday and wednesday nights around the TV!

but on the up note, elliott was on last night! he was my fav last year and i was so glad to see him again. loved his new music.


Mel said...

yes, bad move Idol.... but, we all know Melinda will come out with a great kick ass album and will be the next Tina Turner. she really has an amazing voice. i almost feel like sometimes, idol lets the really good ones go (like Chris Daughtry) so they can have a real career instead of being roped into Idol for the next 5 years (or whatever their contract states).

as for Elliott, he sounded good. and his teeth looked awesome.

marthamisdemeanor said...

I know!!! I was soooo bummed. But dang melba! You are so smart with all that hollywood stuff! Are you secretly a super star parading around as Melba Toast as your pseudoname?

Yeah, Elliott was my fav too! He went from Goat Boy to a very cool, good lookin' awesome singing guy! ha ha.. I had mentioned that he got his grill capped! ha ha :) I got one cap for one of my molars and it wiped my insurance clean... You know he's made it to the big times when he's gone and capped his entire mouth! ha ha ha

Leigh Choate said...

I don't like the new teeth - too "Hollywwood." KEEP IT REAL ELLIOT!!!

Okay, they can be BETTER, but not THAT perfect.