Friday, February 1, 2008

my friend Julie over at *Truly Delightful In Everyway!?!* hit me up with this awesome award yesterday!! thanks again julie! so i want to pass it on to the totally Bodacious Bloggers that i know and love.

first i have my sis . she is the reason this blog exist. thanks for your encouragements and all of your comments!

then there is mar over at I Am Housewife . i read her blog like a druggie. then it stopped. but now she is back!!!! not just beautiful outside but inside too, mar you are bodacious!!

my dear friend betty . we have been email friends for a few years and she just recently jumped on the blog bandwagon. and boy did she catch on quick!! thanks betty for all the fun you put into your blog!

my newest blog addiction is my friend susie. her little girl sophie is the light of her life and she wants us all to know about her! what a beautiful smile that girlie has. and susie is quite a writer. i know she will always have something interesting to say and maybe a cute project that she has done with sophie.

do you love a crockpot? well i do. and when my sis turned me on to stephanie over at A Year of Crockpotting is was love at first sight. her new year's resolution was to cook in a crockpot (and post the recipe with pictures) every day this year! incredibly ambitious. and the recipes ROCK!

and i can't forget kim. she is the first blog i read of a person i don't actually know. i love her kind heart, her love for her family and her super funny labels for her blogs! thanks kim for being kind to a stranger!

if you want to be totally grossed out on a regular basis please go see the man over at Pick your Poison. he has made me gag on several occasions. thanks spammon!!

i have several blogger friends that have already been tagged but i wanted to mention them...

and ugghhh!!! i left off melissa!! sorry!!


Betty said...

Congratulations, Kay, on your award. You are very deserving. And thank you for passing the award on to me. I appreciate it and the kind words.

Melissa said...

Thankfully I already read some of these. Everytime someone passes on an award I find 10 new blogs to read.

Congrats to everyone and I'll see y'all soon. :)

Crockpot Lady said...

thank you for the link, kay! I was excited to turn on your blog and hear Material Girl playing!
lol the kids thought I was nuts for singing along.
thank you for your kind words--they will carry me throughout the day.

Flea said...

Bessie and Fred send their congratulations!

Femme au Foyer said...

Holy crap--what a pleasant surprise! Thanks, girl!

Susie said...

Thanks my new famous and now extremely bodacious friend! Congrats to you! I love it--and you are very sweet to say such nice things about me and Sophie.

I now can't wait to see crockpot lady--one of my favorite all time things to use.

Flea said...

Kay! Some Wildflower in My Heart is my FAVORITE book! My good friends weren't wild about it either. They said it was hard to get into. And I've only read Thorn in my Heart once. We actually read it for my book club two years ago and I fell in love! I'd been reading Liz's articles and laughing for years, so it took me by surprise. YAY to finding someone of like mind and heart!

kim said...

I feel special -- thanks for thinking of me. I was hoping too -- as I read, "I hope she says me" and you did!

Now, if I'd only take the time to learn how to put these things on my blog...

In my heart I will know I am bodacious.

crystal said...

You are so sweet :) I've been sick for a week AND taking care of a sick fam, so this little surprise gave me a much-needed smile as I start to read blogs again.


kim said...

fyi, Your "I am a housewife" is linked to you sis. thought you'd want to know.

Cecily R said...

Aww, thanks for the shout out Kay! You and your blog totally ROCK!! I don't know which of our mutual readers I found you through, but I am super glad I did. :)

Melek said...

thanks sisser! i think you're bodacious too!

Rob said...

Well I am way behind on my blogging this week but I did want to say a big THANK YOU for the shout out!