Monday, February 4, 2008


i ♥ football. my mom was born and raised in dallas so i was brought up watching it. and my hubby loves it. so we make football a family affair. for the past several years we have alternated having a party with bill and jen. this was our year. we asked pete and kelly and tim and cathy. and my mom. pete and kelly's little boy jake goes to pre-school with monkey. and tim and cathy have blake who is big c's bff. and of course bill and jen and their girls elise and sarah jane. we had wayyyy too much food. elise, blake and big c are the same age and have know each other for many, many years and all get along great. we weren't really pulling for either team but i REALLY didn't want to see the patriots win. so it turned out to be a great game for me!! the kids played and the grownup's talked and watched the game and ATE!! most people left after the wonderful half-time show. (tom petty rocks!) but bill and jen stayed till the end. and boy was it exciting!!!
this is what the little guys did while we were not looking!! ahhhggg!! i had to plow my way through the room to just get him in bed.
needless to say we are all pooped from staying up so late last night. so early to bed for us!

oh and not superbowl church yesterday i had a PANIC ATTACK!!! i have never had one of those before. totally freaked me out. and i sit in the front row right in front of the preacher. and we do a video feed with our other church site and i could not get up. holy cow i really thought i was going to die. hard time breathing, sweating, heart pounding away. thank goodness he showed a clip from something and i was able to get out of there. then i had to teach 3 and 4 year old sunday school!! ahhhh!! i came home and slept for 2 hours.

it really sucked.

i don't recommend them.

anyone else have them? what do you do to make it go away? advice? please!


Jen said...

We had a good time. Love the picture of all the dips- and to think there was more in the kitchen! Yes, I knew them all well...... Great shot of the kids.

Burgh Baby's Mom said...

It is a happy day in the land of not liking the Patriots, isn't it? It pretty much makes that whole mess worthwhile, but then again, I'm not the one cleaning it up.

Betty said...

I've never had a panic attack, so I don't know what that feels like. I hope you are feeling better.

Swishy said...

I had to work ... BOO! But fun game!

Panic attacks = no fun AT ALL. I'm sorry :(

Spammon said...

It was a slow game until the 4th. I'm just glad it was a fun game to watch and went down to the last play. I hate blow-out Superbowls!

Cecily R said...

Oh Kay I'm so sorry about your panic attack. I wish I had some great advice other than don't ignore them if you have more. It only makes things worse.

The Superbowl party looks like a great time! Love the pictures!

Susie said...

looks like you had so much fun with the superbowl party! love the food display!
as for the panic--welp I mentioned my dh gets them and had 2 this week! sleep seems to be the best way to recover, but you can also get a prescription for 'emergencies'--a tranquilizer of sorts.
I've heard lots of people use them when they fly
anyway my dh says that it helps calm him down so he can drive home safely--only drawback is it makes him feel all hung-over and sleepy.
my best recommendation is to go to a doctor.
maybe it's the heat? sounds balmy out there in NC j/k had to put that little plug in!
take care Kay!