Tuesday, April 15, 2008

to my sister after her birthday

i have a sister as many of you know. her birthday was sunday and i (the slack sister) didn't do anything about it. i think Wicked messed up my brain. so i just wanted to send a little happy birthday (late) shout-out to my favorite sister!

sis and i are only 13 months apart so growing up we were very close. and that is not always a good thing. look at how messy she was. i mean some of that had to come off on me too right? i spent a lot of time in my crib because i had bitten her or maybe put a match in her mouth or something. she was always whining that i had hurt her in some way or another. (liar)

as we got older we started to get along a little better. and i think that lasted about a year. she was constantly making ME do the brunt of the chores. all because i was older. like changing the sheets with the cat in them or vacuuming the stairs with my hands because she was too lazy to pull the machine out.

then i went to high school while she was still in middle school. finally! a break from the sis! but that only lasted a year too. then she was in high school with me. following me around, wanting to hang out with me and my cool friends. sneaking behind my back and wearing my makeup and listening to my music. oh yes. she wanted to be like me.
after high school she went away to collage. boy. i never realized how much i would miss her. the place was empty. no one to fight with. no one to talk to. no one to hang out with. hey wait a minute! i love this person. probably as much as you can love a sister.

ever since then we have been close. best friends close.

i don't know anyone who has ever met her that didn't like her. she is funny. oh my gosh, so funny!! and talented. man the girl has ideas that would blow you away. smart. runs her own super-successful business. beautiful. (inside and out!) i mean look at her! tall, blonde, blue eyes. gorgeous! and generous to a fault. would give you her last cute t-shirt off of her back. not to mention that she is the best aunt EVER!! my kids adore her. and she loves them something fierce.

so here's to you melissa. my sister. my best friend. happy birthday! i love you!


Melek said...

well, i guess you win. you made me cry. thanks sisser. i love you bunches too.

could you have put a more HORRIBLE picture of me on here? yikes, those braces are so big!

Melek said...

and they didnt call me Messy Missy for nothin'!!

SuperCoolMom said...

Happy Birthday Mel! What a great post Kay - I'm lovin' your writing! You need to do more.

My Ice Cream Diary said...

You totally captured sisterhood in this post. Aren't sisters great (at least, when you are getting along, that is).

Crazymamaof6 said...

super sweet post and totally rings true for me too! my sister is 12 months and a week younger than me. i know how that is. although i made her do all the work. hmm pretty fab!

HAppy Birthday Melek! hope your day was FAB!

HEY KAY! you aren't joining in the mad rush for the giveaway? you can't win if you don't play. Come play!

Spammon said...

It wasn't until maybe a few weeks ago I found out you two were sisters. How bout that? Happy B-Day sis!

Femme au Foyer said...

ALL of those pictures are great and she was a damn cute baby too! What a sweet tribute!

Femme au Foyer said...

Oh, and at least she didn't make you vacuum the stairs with your mouth!

kim said...

this choked me up.

and look at you girls in that last pic -- so pretty. and kay? not one single split end on that shiny head of hair -- you could do pantene commercials.

Susie said...

oh Pantene commercials in the famous shower curtain bathroom! Go Kay!

Boy, you sure do look like great friends! Happy b-day Kay's sister! Hope you had a great day!