Monday, April 28, 2008


i think! :) don't want to tempt fate. the cough was the worst. that lingered on forever. we had 2 gig's yesterday and i think i coughed up a lung! but maybe i got all the bad stuff out too! :)

my kids are sooo glad i'm feeling better. they were so tired of taking care of me. especially big c. what a great kid he is. he fetched and toted and took care of me and his brother like he was born to do it. i would wake up from a nap and he would have made them both lunch!

like i said we had 2 gig's yesterday. (i feel like such a rock star saying gig!) the first one was at a huge ice skating rink. they were having Christian music day and wanted a live band. they loved us! the guys in the band didn't think it went well but they are so critical. my theory is, if i enjoyed myself and the audience enjoyed it, then we did a good job. but it was cold!! i was smart and took a hoodie. and they booked us for june and july! :)

then we went to a little country church to play for a youth group's fund-raiser. the band on before us was a bluegrass band made up of 4 really old people. they were amazing! and all of the old people in the church were sitting up front. once we got started they moved to the back real fast! and all of the kids moved up front. and they danced and sang the whole time. it was great! they raised over $800 for their trip. we were glad to help.

we had tornado watch here today. we got the closet all decked out with pillows and flashlights just in case. monkey was really scared. so we prayed about it and he calmed down a lot. we just kept telling him it was like a fire drill in school. i don't think he believed us!

when are you getting your stimulus check? are you excited?!! what are you going to do with it?
ours will come in the second round. i'm excited about paying bills with it! :)

thanks for all of your kind words and thoughts while i was out of commission. i have a contract that has to get done by wednesday so i will be checking out everyone's blogs while i'm on hold!

oh and some sad news. one of my favorite bloggers has decided to go underground with her blog. feel free to leave her some love here to let her know that she will be missed and to reconsider her undergroundness.


Melek said...

i'm surprised crazymama is going underground. but then i just read her blog and understand why. i'm glad i dont have a-hole readers... i feel bad for her.

Big C is a good boy. glad he took care of you :)

SuperCoolMom said...

Wow! I think you need to write gig with a capital G! That's really cool!

Glad you're feeling better. Thank goodness for responsible boys!

Yeah, I'm wearing a black armband for Crazymama too.

Melissa said...

I'm glad your feeling better! What am I doing with the tax refund...paying property taxes. Sounds fun, huh?

Julie decided to stick it out after all...yippee!!

Spammon said...

I really tried to push Lindsey into helping our economy and put that stimulus money right back into circulation ala electronics and gadgets...but instead it will be recycled as backyard sod and rocks.

Don Mills Diva said...

So glad you're feeling better Kay!

Susie said...

glad you are back! GIG! Wow cool! you rock.
the tornado thing--kind of like flying--the more you do it, the less you think about what could really happen.
do you guys not get a lot of weather in NC? our tornado warnings go off all the time--april through Oct--do you have a basement?

I missed the underground, but then just went by and saw that Julie is still around. 118 feeds? She has like a MILLLION friends!

Cecily R said...

Do you think that stuff is contagious through the computer because not three days after I read that you had the flu it started here. The cough is the WORST. Glad you are feeling better.