Friday, June 11, 2010

20 things i'll never do

so my friend miranda posted this on her blog. and i thought, hmmm, that's something i can do. so here goes

1. i will never drive across the country. michael wants to but i won't be able to be in a car that long. i'm too wiggly. i'll fly and meet him there.

2. i'll never like lima beans. blech! i love other beans but lima's - NEVER!

3. i will never be able to decide what i want to do when i grow up. i've been trying to make that decision for years. not happening...

4. i'll never have a spotless house. i like a clean bathroom and all but i think there are too many other things to do than worry if my tv is dusty.

5. i will never be able to stop my addiction to re-reading my favorite books. how many times can you read, little house on the prairie, anne of green gables and sense and sensibility? my mom says it's like visiting old friends. and i agree.

6. i'll never love the smell of tar. (they are fixing pot holes in my road and i can smell it in the house) yuck

7. i will never throw away my kids' notes to Santa. i even have the addressed envelopes. AWESOME!

8. i will never understand why people get so worked up about politics. again, i have way too many other things to enjoy without having people get mad at me about who i voted for. if your candidate didn't win - get over it

9. i will never not have a cat! i love love love my cat! and i still cry when i think about my cat Bart that i had 20 years ago. a house is not a home to me without a cat in it!

10. i will never again sing at the Hollywood Bowl. too much pressure. just won't do it! (yes i have sung there. ask me and i'll tell you the story!)

11. i will never have as many friends as i would like. i've never met a stranger and i want everyone to be my friend.

12. i'll never be a fan of eggs. i try really i do. just not something i like. i guess the only way i could eat them is poached. and what a process that is!

13. i will never think about missing church. truthfully sunday is my favorite day of the week and i have no idea what else i would do anyway! :)

14. i'll never love the bass guitar. yes my hubby and oldest son both play it. that low sound just makes my chest hurt. give me a guitar or keyboards anyday.

15. i will never dye my hair black. it's been every color - blue, green, purple, pink, red, orange, and white. i can't imagine me with black hair. can you? (i think it would clash with my freckles!)

16. i'll never like country music. except devil went down to georgia. but is that really country?

17. i will never be rich. and i'm ok with that. it might be nice but i'm not willing to put forth the effort.

18. i will never go into space. i think the space program is the biggest waste of money ever. i'll take good ole' earth any day thank you.

19. i will never have a better friend than my sister. since we are only 13 months apart, she knows all about me and still loves me. (even tho i used to beat the crap out of her!)

20. i'll never figure out why i am ALWAYS putting my foot in my mouth!!!!! just keep it shut and no one gets hurt!

phew! that was wayyy harder then i thought it would be!


Melek said...

#21 should be - I will never again lie about beating up my sister when we were kids :))

love your list. maybe i'll do this too!

Brianne said...

There's many, many of those that I too will never do!

The cat one almost made me tear up. :( We don't have cats and every time I think of my cats I get sooooo sad! I also think that a house is not a home without a cat. :)

I might have to do this as well one day! lol