Wednesday, June 16, 2010

life style change

so yesterday i started a new way of life. cutting out sugar and foods that convert to sugar. which makes it low carb. but not no carb. i found this book - fat to skinny- which made total sense to me. like it was saying "kay you are killing yourself with all this sugary foods you eat". and i was. so. what i like about this idea is you still can eat stuff you like, just change the product. which means some processed foods which i'm not crazy about but if it works, i'll get over it. not a lot of fruit on this plan but i can have berries and lots and lots of veggies. so a big salad everyday is on the menu. and jello. who doesn't love jello?! plus hubby is doing it with me. that makes it tons easier. there are a few low carby bread products, like wraps that i can use for toast and sandwiches and things. something i don't love giving up. anyway. just wanted to share

oh and caleb leaves for the beach with caden on saturday for a week. i remember last year that was a lonnnngggg week. but hopefully i will be getting mikey into a day camp so he will be happy.

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Melek said...

AWESOME!!! I cut out so much sugar and it made a huge impact on how I felt...a LOT more energy, none of those afternoon slumps (unless my allergies were bad, or course).

And for bread products, I switched to everything whole wheat/whole grain. Look for the yellow Whole Grains label on the product. They convert to sugars much more slowly than white/processed breads. Sweet potatoes over regular potatoes too.

And don't forget, alcohol converts to sugar REAL fast. Mariesa said that alcohol also doesn't metabolize like other actually have to work them off thru exercise... bummer! :)