Monday, August 2, 2010

ms manners

i ♥ manners. and it makes me feel so good to hear my kids using manners with each other. just now caleb asked monkey if he had a bouncy ball. monkey went to his room, found one and handed it to caleb. caleb said thank you. monkey said you're welcome. it just warmed my heart. cause i know if they are using manners with each other, they are using them out in the world. (at least i can hope!)

i am the kind of person who ALWAYS says please and thank you. if someone lets me in in traffic. i give them my famous thank you wave. if a car stops so i can cross the street, i say it so they can read my lips. i say thank you to my husband. i think the world would be a better place if everyone said please and thank you. so please, say thank you to someone today.

(oh and if for some reason i don't use my manners, call me on it.) thanks!


Brianne said...

You and your children have very good manners indeed. :)

I used to pride myself on my kiddo's manners, they were the best please and thank you'ers around! I don't know what happened. :( Leah is still very good with her manners. I hope Joshua and Hailey at least use their manners outside of the home.

Melek said...

Caleb was very polite when he was here. One of my neighbors asked him a question and he didn't realize she was talking to him, and he said "What? I mean, excuse me?" :) I loved it!
You also always say "Ilove you" before you hang up the phone. I like that too :)

kay said...

you never know when you are going to get the chance to tell someone you love them. so i always take every opportunity i get! :)

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