Friday, August 12, 2011

why oh why???

why oh why do i let other people get me down? i have some "friends" at church. but i guess they aren't really friends. if i only see them once a week and on FB i'm thinking that doesn't actually make them my friend. but i thought they were. tried to make a coffee date with one of them and found out she went and had coffee with another "friend". just makes me so mad. am i not worthy of coffee????? am i too needy???? when am i going to get over my self doubt? when am i EVER going to see my true worth??? why do i CARE what people think of me??? (why do i use more than one ???) i am a great friend. and if they can't see that them screw them. i live with all males. i need some time with females. to just talk about girl stuff. oh not have to hear guitars, loud music, sports, or pokemon. so i'm upset. i unfriended them. and several other "friends".

i guess mikey's "stomach" issues are getting me down. b/c he won't let me leave him, i have had to skip book club, date night and just some me time. i know it will pass but man! separation anxiety at 8? uggh!

i really have very little to complain about. co-op started and i just love going! there are some super fabulous women in there that i just adore and make me want to become a better person. michael is working!! and i got job teaching elementary anatomy and physiology once a week for the whole school year. nice money with it. getting our finances in order. hoping to pay off some bills before the end of the year and my car a year early. and maybe (MAYBE) save enough to hit Disney before mikey turns 10!!


EveL said...

GirlFriend, you are AWESOME! So why, oh why, do you beat yourself up??? And why, oh why, do you use so many ???s? ;-) Hahaha
Maybe you're calling the wrong "friends" for gurl time... hhhmmmm. I'm just sayin'!

Femme au Foyer said...

It can definitely be hard to find quality friends, especially when you stay home all day. Don't give up--you're a GREAT person and it will happen for you. Meanwhile, congrats on the job!!!!