Monday, November 7, 2011

boo 2011

ah halloween. that special time of year when my children want to dress up like serial killers. ha like that's gonna happen. so mikey wanted to be pikachu. and he wanted to get one of those cheap plastic costumes. no way jose! so we thought and thought and i came up with the idea of him being a shadow. so off to walmart to get black pants, a black shirt, black hat, black gloves and black face paint. (nice way to get extra clothes for him too).
caleb was a parrot. a friend of his gave him this great hat and he ran with it. he's so clever! :)

the saturday night before halloween we went to a party at the bordeaux's house. all our co-op friends where there and we had a great time! food, fun, dancing! then halloween night we went to the morris' house. the uvegas' were there. hope, tammy and i took the kids trick or treating. even caleb, river and konner went with us.

sorry it's such a bad picture. they all got tons of candy then we came back to tammy's and roasted hot dogs over the camp fire.

here is the decorated house and some pumpkin carving pictures.

this weekend tammy, hope and i took our little kids to the Renaissance festival. i love that place. but boy it's super expensive. the kids got in free (thanks to hope) and i had saved some money so i kinda just spent it all! :) not really but i didn't skimp. and that makes me sooo happy to be able to let mikey get something and then worry about spending the money on it. b/c we are studying the renaissance in co-op there was lots there that they recognized. divinci, and Michelangelo were represented and it was cool to see their eyes light up when they saw or heard about them. they rode some rides, got swords, watched a hypnotist, ate steak on a stake, and saw the jousting. it was a great day!

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i love that you guys roasted hotdogs after trick or treating!! soooo cool! looks like you had a good time :)