Friday, October 14, 2011

child of God

don't you just love when you children do something to make you proud?! when you hear from an adult that caleb just did _____ and it was so kind of him. or mikey worked really hard on this lesson and it shows. i know i just radiate with joy and pride and love for them. because it's a reflection of me! i helped push them to do right or to study hard.

so don't you think God who loves us sooo much more than we can imagine is just as proud when we do something good? when we are kind or show his love to others? i see him beaming on us with pride of his own when we reflect him! he helped show us the way by sacrificing his son, his pride and joy, so we could be his child.

ok. we know God loves us. and we have Faith in this and in the death and resurrection of his son Jesus who came to save us from our sins. because of this we will be live forever in heaven with him. HELLO!! this is HUGE!!!! so why don't i "reflect" this in EVERYTHING i do??? why am not living my life to make my father God proud of me all the time!!??!!! it's easy (for me) to have faith, but to live it out is what is hard for me. it's like i'm hiding it. and i'm sure that doesn't make God proud of me. i'm such a failure in this department. (and many others too)

anyway. my goal for today is to make God proud of EVERYTHING i do. i will be kind while driving. i will choose the words i speak to my family with care. i will allow God's will to lead the way today. believe me. i won't get it all right. but He's gonna love me anyway! :)

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Teresa said...

good thinkin'...I need to refocus myself on God, too.