Monday, July 21, 2008

Holy Mamma Mia Batman!!

i was a movie warrior this weekend! friday night i went to see Mamma Mia and sunday i went to see Batman! i don't usually get out that often so it was very nice for me.

friday mom and mom-in-law were going to see MM and asked me if i wanted to go with them. we went out to dinner first then the movie. boy was it crowded!! thank goodness we got there early! this is not the best movie you are ever going to see but it was so cute and soooo funny!! and of course there were Abba songs through the whole thing! go see it with your sister or girlfriends. i really enjoyed it!

sunday after church we decided to drop off monkey at the clouser's house and go see The Dark Night! big c and hubby were super excited! we got there early (of course) and got right in with no problem. but again it got super packed. (not surprised) long long movie. not for small children. or middle aged children. quite violent. the story was good but the Joker was without a doubt the best part of the movie. even if Heath had not died, people would still be talking about his performance in this flick. man he was creepy!! way better job than jack nicholson did. it was dark and not much of a feel good movie but i highly recommend it as a must see movie this summer.


Melek said... the title! holy mama mia :)

i saw Bank job last night! loved it. thanks for the rec

Swishy said...

Batman was very good! I was going to try to do Mamma Mia in the same weekend, too, but I am going later this week instead.

crystal said...

I love mama mia if only for the music; woohoo for ABBA!

I can't WAIT to see Batman. Heath is so creepy-looking. I like him best when he was lighthearted and just HOT. The Joker is NOT hot.

Crazymamaof6 said...

i love mama mia. i'm not dying to see batman. but maybe i will just to see Heath Ledger.