Monday, July 7, 2008

it sure is hard to keep up with my blogging during the summer time. if i'm not getting ready for a big party, i'm getting ready for vacation or trying to keep the kids busy.

we had our big 4th party on friday. don't you hate it when people say they are coming and you are prepared for those people to come and they don't show up!! the deal for our party is you bring your own hotdogs/hamburgers, a drink to share and a side and we provide paper products, all the buns, ice, and cups. and water and juice boxes for the kids. so i buy all of these buns. and then the people don't show and i'm stuck with 24 hamburger buns!! big c and monkey will be having hamburger bun sandwiches all week. i was not in the best mood to have a party. not sure why. but it wasn't the best one we have ever had. everyone had fun, just not me. i liked the people that were there and enjoyed them i was just not in the party mood i guess. we ended up having about 40 people. which is about half of what we normally have.

before the party and then during the party

and monkey finally got his big boy bed!! he is 5 and has been sleeping in a toddler bed because we couldn't afford a mattress. i put the whole thing together by myself. and it does look good i should say! he needs a comforter but that can wait. his room is really tiny so we had to change the position of it so he could have more floor space. he keeps falling out of it at night but he loves it!!

big c had a great time at the beach. he is sooo brown!! and he is getting so tall!! man i love that kid. we really missed him while he was gone. it was so hard to keep monkey busy. we went to discovery place, the park, he went swimming with his grandma and then later in the week she took him to see kung fu panda. (again!) it's been nice having big c home so they can play with each other.

sunday we are headed out on a mini-vacation. that's about all i can get my hubby to go on. it's hard being self-employed. he freaks out that we are going to get behind if he misses 2 days of work. i laid the guilt on thick. told him that his kids were growing up and he needed to spend more time with them. so we are going to ashville to go to the biltmore house. i should have some great pictures of that!! and his mom is going with us. (which is great because i love her!) she is going to keep the kids at night so hubby and i can go to dinner and have some alone time.

oh and we have decided that we are going to homeschool monkey for kindergarten. i really wanted to send him to the school where big c went but we just can't afford it. and hubby doesn't want to send him to public school. so he is going to stay home with me! should be fun. he loves to learn and kindergarten is all about playing and having new experiences. we will be going on LOTS of field trips!

happy summer and stay cool!!


Paintball0599 said...

ohh... cool! Biltmore. I wish I could have come to the party instead... Jordan was a big pain in the butt the whole week. His parents let him sit and play on the computer most of time so I spent more time with HIS family than he did.

Melek said...

can't wait to see the homeschool stuff you do with Monkey. you're always so inventive.

sorry more ppl didnt show up at the party. that sucks. i hope you gave them the guilt trip. i mean, if you're not gonna come, let your hostess know!!

Crazymamaof6 said...

bummer people were no shows. that is LAME! but it looks like a fun party anyway.
whoohoo for a big boy bed. and yay on your upcoming mini vacation! that is awesome! mini is better than nothing. we do the no vacation plan. when he had his own contracting business, we had money to go, but never the time off, and when he was in school we had time but no money, now we have a house with a good job, no money but paid vacation and we still don't go.
good luck!

Spammon said...

Not showing up to a BBQ is a crime. I'm already craving some Hebrew Nationals just by reading this post. And it's only 10am.

Cecily R said...

I would have come!!! I hate it when I'm not in the mood for a party and I am the one hosting. Been there. It stinks.

I'll be interested to see what you come up with for Monkey this school year!!

Susie said...

I LOVED teaching kindergarten when I was subbing after college.
LOVED IT! Good for you Kay! You and Monkey are going to have the best year. whoohoo for homeschool!

I totally hear you on the party thing. The 4th is my least fave holiday and I am so glad it is over.

Have fun on your mini-vacation--I'm glad you guys got at least a couple of days. Welcome Home Big C.
Those pictures are adorable.

I'm going to look in my old teaching files for kindergarten stuff and will send you copies if I find them..I'll keep you posted!

SuperCoolMom said...

Very Fun! I hear ya on the vacation thing. I'm in the same position with my hubby. I'm lucky to get a weekend getaway once or twice a year.

Homeschooling for kindergarten will be a blast! Have fun with that!