Thursday, November 13, 2008

the leaf doesn't fall far from the tree

monkey and i have been working on the letter L. and leaf starts with the letter l. so we went on a leaf hunt and then learned about them. we learned why and how leaves change color. i was impressed; he was not. then we did leaf rubbing's. i was great at it; he was not. then he got to finger paint some leaves on a tree. that he loved! (note the cat) and since sorting is a big deal in kindergarten, we sorted the leaves from largest to smallest. he has that down pat. i also wanted him to know how trees grew. and since i didn't have any seeds, i used beans to show him. we put some cannellini beans (which is all i had) on a wet paper towel, folded them and then put them into plastic baggies. i'll keep you posted on their growth. he was very excited about his "experiment".

today i ordered the ants for his ant farm. not real thrilled about that but both boys are excited about it. we are also going to have a butterfly farm in the late summer and we are going to grow a frog. that makes 4 different animals this year!! (see the fish here)

i can't believe i have to start thinking about buying gifts soon. uggh!! usually i have a list by now. this job is putting a big chink in my schedule! :) but i'm happy to have it believe me!


#1 Guitar Rocker! said...

I saw that cat.

Have you thought about meal worms?
Maybe next year, four animals is enough for one year.

I haven't even thought about Christmas shopping.

oyer said...

Hey when i was little we had an ant farm, just hope the glass doesn't break, not pretty. funny now ,but not back then :O)

Femme au Foyer said...

You are such an amazing mother. Please come to Austin and teach me a thing or two when the time comes.