Saturday, November 1, 2008

ma-ma mia!

monkey decided he wanted to go as Mario (as in Super Mario from Nintendo) for Halloween.
fine with me. the only thing i had to get was a $3 mustache and his costume was done. i laughed so hard i wet my pants twice. and what was even funnier was that people walked right up to him and said "MARIO!" they knew exactly who he was. big c, being 12, was sullen about what he wanted to do. it just had to be something dead. so i suggested a zombie. that way all i had to get for him was some white makeup. then he wanted green hair. whatever. but he looked good. he's so cute he even makes a zombie look adorable! don't tell him i said that! he would get mad at me! we went to the church up the street that was having a carnival. they handed out tons of candy and free stuff. they both got stuffed animals (?) and monkey got a whiffle ball and bat. and they had free hot dogs. then we headed over to my mom's neighborhood. she has more houses than we do and she said usually everyone gives out candy. well i think the recession is bitting into the candy giving in my town. we walked many streets but only about 3 out of 10 houses were giving out candy. oh well. my kids got tons!! we headed to the store afterwards to get a pizza and monkey and big c got their second wind. so i dropped them off at the end of the street and went home to put the pizza in the oven. they worked their way up and got home in time to cram candy and pizza in before i made them go to bed.
not a bad night i would say!


Joanna said...

i love their costumes!!! getting dressed up was always so much fun. and there's never anything wrong with some green hair.

titan said...

love the mario costume!

Melek said...

monkey looks funny without the moustache, but WITH the eyebrows :)
save me some candy!

Susie said...

wow! that is one cool Mario-I knew exactly what he was too! great job.
I like the zombie too and yeah he just can't make himself ugly!
only 3 out of 10 houses? what is with people? why would they lose the spirit of Halloween-pun intended!
I'm glad they scored anyway-looks like a great stash.

oyer said...

First welcome back to blogging, missed ya- second, love the pix of the boys. great ideas. see ya sunday!!!!

SuperCoolMom said...

Lovin' your boys costumes! What a haul they made!