Friday, November 21, 2008

week in review

apples apples everywhere! and hand turkeys too.

work work and more work.

finally wood for the fireplace!

harrison came to dinner. so funny. yummy mexican lasagna.

southern christmas show. mikey told santa he wanted a massaging car seat. what a hoot! awesome trains and cinnamon pretzels.

shopping for our justice project family. gotta love Aldi's!

big c's thanksgiving/etiquette luncheon. man!! he is handsome. (don't you think he needs a haircut?)

deer in the back yard. in the fence no less.

no rest on saturday then sunday is "Shattered" at church. so excited!!!

hopefully over the thanksgiving holiday i can get a real post in!!

happy weekend

oh and i forgot to mention the LICE!!!!!


Paintball0599 said...

cool deer we had a doe in our yard a few weeks ago and it jumped over our fence to get in and jumped back out just as easily. And our house is in the middle of the neighborhood so we don't have any woods around.

Melek said...

love the pics. Can't believe you had deer in your yard. i love monkey's gift request :)