Monday, July 26, 2010

Moaning on a Monday

so my friend B over at The Photog Nazi just shared her monday moan. and since i have been doing laundry all day, i thought i would jump in too. (especially since i have had my blog window open since thursday trying to get my self to do Thankful on a Thursday that my friend miranda over That's What She Said does. why is it easier to moan than be thankful?) anyway. laundry. do you loathe it like i do? listen. i live in a house with me and 3 men. (well 2 boys but you know what i mean) most men/boys don't have lots of clothes. so i thought. for monkey i just folded 9 pairs of shorts and/or long pants (b/c he doesn't like to wear shorts even when it's 99 degrees) and 15, yes 15! shirts with short and long sleeves. for caleb i folded 5 pairs of shorts and 12 shirts. given that he wears his "favorite" jeans 7 days a week makes the fact that he has that many shorts, boggle my mind. oh and for me. 7 pair of undies, 1 pair of shorts and 2 t-shirts. (there is another load in the dryer but since i put it in there i know it doesn't contain tons of my stuff) and just so you know i got up and counted all those clothes so don't think i'm making this up. why oh why could my 7 year old wear 15 shirts in a week? and why oh why do i have to fold them. not even going there with the hubby. and then there this the big thing with my washer which has only gotten worse. so laundry. i hate it. maybe if i had more clothes of my own i would like it better. but i don't think so.


Melek said...

well, at least you have water to wash your clothes. I don't...again. And that's MY Monday moan. :)

Brianne said...

I HATE laundry too! I have to do at least a load everyday or I would be overrun. Joshua also insists on wearing long pants, and changes clothes at least once a day, Hailey treats every day like a fashion show, and Mel well you can imagine he has to change everyday when he comes home. If I do my laundry once a week I would be going 7 loads! I don't mind the washing, and drying, it's the folding and putting away that I hate! Lol