Monday, July 26, 2010

2 posts in one day!!!!!

i have to tell you that i just read my entire blog. i started April 16, 2007 and i have almost 300 posts. monkey keeps coming in here asking me what i'm laughing about. usually it's something hysterical he said/did that i blogged about. go back and read your blog from the beginning. you will learn some things about yourself and see how you've grown.

i also found out that i'm really funny and a very good writter. (so much for not tooting my own horn!) so i think i'm going back into the blogosphere! i really liked it there!


Brianne said...

I've done that twice now, and I laugh hysterically at myself! I'm like, "I am SOOO funny! How does everyone NOT love me?!" But I think I'm a lot more funnier on my blog than in real life. lol And I think the drawings help too.

OMG I feel so conceited! Bahahaha!

Melek said...

i do that sometimes...I love seeing the things i've done and reminiscing about them via my blog. and yes, you ARE a great writer AND very funny. so keep posting! I'd love to see 2 posts a day every day! :)

Femme au Foyer said...

Yaaay! So glad you'll be logging more!!!