Friday, October 7, 2011

hit or miss monday (on a friday)

i had every intention of doing hit or miss monday this week. then this week got in my way!! i hate that! so with no further delay here they are ...

i know someone i can't WAIT to do this too!!! what super devious mind came up with this fun idea?? love it!!

this just made me laugh out loud!!! b/c i'm the person who would to unroll the gum all the way before i'd EVER take a bite out of it!

first of all, how would you get it on? then why or why would you do this to your poor baby??? have you seen the movie Alien??? just yikes!!

i have no idea what this is. i think there was a show about a big headed chuckie look alike that parents didn't mind their kids watching. or getting totally freaked out about. it disturbed me as an adult. can't imagine the nightmares those kids had!

if you love these fun (and disturbing) ideas and/or images, check out more over at the pinterest project! and they are having a give away..... :)

1 comment:

Teresa said...

Those misses creep me OUT!
I laughed at the cotton ball thing...who's your devious friend? :)