Thursday, October 13, 2011


i am so inspired by the youth pastor at our church! not because of what he said (even tho he's awesome at that) but because he jumped back on the blogging wagon and blogged 2 days in a row!! so i thought i would try the same thing.

not tons going on. co-op today. which we always love. but the leitch kids were there which made it even better. oh how we miss them since they have moved to charleston.

sunday night at church is the wifi student night of worship. it should be great! and since caleb is playing, i'm going to go and help out where needed. if you pray, please pray for lives to be changed!

since we're on the subject, let's discuss my life changing. it's really not. as a Christian, i need to be growing. growing in knowing God and wanting to spend more time with him in his word and in prayer. but i don't . i'm sure it's b/c i'm lazy. i do feel nudges from him like, oh you should pick up your bible. or you need to pray for this person. and sometimes i act on it and sometimes i don't. why is that? the world is just in the way. like even right now. i could be reading my bible. but i'm blogging. and later i'll get on facebook. i need to just do it!!! any ideas or suggestions would be a great help! but b/c i'm the only one who reads this blog, i bet i don't get any ideas! :)

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Teresa said...

Way to go blogging two days in a row!! High five!
I'd suggest putting your Bible out where you can visibly see it each day. AND, making a rule for yourself facebook until you've spent 20 minutes in the Word. and STAY STRONG!
good luck...I need to take my own advice here...