Tuesday, March 13, 2012

day 1

so even tho we haven't eaten dinner, i can say that today has been a success!! no processed foods have passed my lips or the lips of my boys! (unless michael snuck something while he was out!)

we never have bkft together b/c michael gets up so early and then mikey then me and finally caleb rolls out of bed. michael left without bkft b/c he was late. mikey was starving when i got up even tho i told him last night to eat an apple or banana till i got up. i hadn't made any cereal so he couldn't have that. i had a smoothie with almond milk, spinach, banana, frozen cherries, pumpkin, flax and a dash of cinnamon. oh and almond butter. it was yummy! mikey had a nut butter and honey sandwich as he dashed off to art class. i made caleb eggs and toast.

b/c we all had such a late bkft we didn't really have a big lunch. i had 1/2 nut butter and jelly sandwich and an apple, mikey had some cheese and crackers, caleb had nothing and hubby finished up my smoothie and ate an apple.

in the mean time i decided i needed to purge foods from the shelves. i filled a huge bin with off limit foods and this is what is left...

then i put an approved chicken to roast in the oven. we will have it with organic sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts for the hubby, peas for the boys and asparagus for me! popcorn popped in coconut oil with grass fed butter for snacking if needed.

while i was waiting for the chicken to cook, i prepped the granola to bake for later so there will be cereal in the morning! and for dinner tomorrow we are having red lentil and butternut squash curry stew. it is SO FREAKIN' AMAZING!! but it requires some prep so i got the butternut squash chopped and ready to roast for tomorrow. my oven is going to be on till midnight!!

i will be heading out to the store for more food tomorrow. bananas, veggies, some local beef if i can find it. and maybe some clean snacks for my snacker mikey.

one day down and nine to go! :)

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blog author said...

Awesome!!! a great start to the 10 day challenge :)