Wednesday, March 14, 2012

day 2

i have dishpan hands. all this cooking requires cleaning up. and i'm the one doing it. i need lotion

breakfast - home made granola! i tweaked the recipe from 100 days. i didn't add all the nuts or add coconut and not quite as much honey as she did. but boy it made the house smell great! i had a bowl for breakfast with some dates. mikey didn't care for it so after taking a few bites, i made him some toast. caleb and michael both loved it

lunch- nut butter and fruit sandwich for mikey and i. then we went to trader joe's to gather up the rest of our weeks food. i have no idea what the other's ate!

dinner - oh yum! red lentil and curry butternut squash stew. i've made it before and just love it! even mikey will eat this. while this was stewing, i made a batch of zucchini muffins for mikey. getting veggies in him anyway i can. stole another of lisa's recipes. no nuts b/c of mikey. sigh. anyway i made them and forgot the baking soda. so they are a little dense. but yummy! then i decided to pull out mom-in-law's bread maker and make a loaf of ww bread. starting to smell good in here. and if i hadn't done enough, i found this pin on my favorite place to waste time. hard boiled eggs in the oven!! supposed to take away that sulfury smell. mikey loves hb eggs so i know i can get him to eat these!

tomorrow is co-op so there will be temptations for the boys in the form of a vending machine! going to make them leave all their money at home! i have leftover stew and home made bread for lunch! can't wait!


Teresa Templin said...

Way to go!! The hard boiled eggs sound yummy! Never even heard of that idea.

blog author said...

I hope you're still cooking like this when you come visit so you can make all of our meals for us! I have that cute new apron you can use ;)