Sunday, March 18, 2012

just call me chef

i love love love how i feel eating real food!! however i'm getting a little sick and tired of my kitchen. i really need to plan on doubling everything so i don't have to bake/cook/prep every single day. that being said, everyone is doing great. but b/c i have been cooking so much i don't have time to blog it all. i have taken some pix. which my kids think is so weird. i hand them their plate then say WAIT! i have to get a picture.

here are some things we have made/eaten this weekend

homemade whole wheat tortillas

so good!! we put cream cheese and smoked salmon on them for lunch! excellent! and oh so filling!

some homemade granola

yummy smoothie!! this one had almond milk, pumpkin, flax, cocoa powder, spinach, cherries and peanut butter. mmmm....

last night i made a cobb salad. oh yeah! and the dressing was AMAZING!! i will be making that for all of my salads! (and maybe just to drink!)

(mikey's cobb salad deconstructed)

and tonight we had tacos!!! (on home made tortillas!)

as we speak i have some zucchini,carrot, banana muffins in the oven. phew! i'm pooped!


blog author said...

I commented on this one too. Uggh. I said something about loving little tacos. And that I'd eat pretty much everything you've cooked so far.

kay said...

i'll cook for you when i come visit!