Monday, April 23, 2007

Anniversary weekend

well i did it. i stayed married to my husband for 16 years. holy cow. i can't believe i have been with him for that long and have not killed him. after 16 years he still has the ability to make me freakin' nuts!! no, really i love him. he is so good to me. he treats me like a queen and i let him. so it works well for both of us.

we actually got to go out on a date for our anniversary. just the two of us. we had a GC to o'charlies and went to the cheap $2.50 movie. and my mom paid for the sitter. (instead of actually doing it herself.) (that's a whole nother post) so dinner was good. and it was nice to sit together and talk. and not have to be interrupted by someone needing something. like a drink called milk. (that's monkey speak) then we went to the movie. and let me tell you i'm glad i'm so anal sometimes. i figured that it would be crowded on a friday night so i stopped and got the tickets after i picked big c up from school on friday. when we got to the theater the line was sooooo long. and smart lady that i am, we just waltzed right on in and got a seat. it was packed too. we went to see Music and Lyrics with Drew and Hugh Grant. it was GREAT!! highly recommend for dvd viewing. we laughed and it was sweet and there was no killing or bombs. DH enjoyed it too. then we got some beer and cookies and came home and watched Drive that we had taped from monday night. all in all very good evening. 4 stars

DH had to work on saturday so i mowed the yard. i love to do that. especially since it's not july and not scorching hot outside yet. then the boys and i went to see my mom. then to see our new kitties!! jennifer's cat had her kittens friday night about 12:30. (thanks for not calling jen!)
and we plan on taking 2 of them. we have been cat-less too long in this house. so we saw the kitties and boy are they cute! can't wait till they are old enough to come home! :)

went to church sunday am. love Next Level. then to the Home Depot. we got some plants, and DH needed some stuff for work. i wanted to get some more chain to hang my plants with and while we were in the chain isle, DH got this idea to get some big honkin' chain to pull out the durn crepe myrtles that have been bugging us since we moved into this house. that was soooo cool!! he hooked them around the plants then attached it to the back of his truck and pulled. they jumped out of the ground and we all screamed. it was awesome. now my yard looks so much nicer. and we planted our plants. i love it when we have freshly cut grass and new flowers!

planet earth was on last night. DH is obsessed with it. but the one with caves was on so i enjoyed it too.

hope you are happy now sis. stop bothering me about posting. i do have a life you know. well maybe not much of one if you have read what i just wrote!!

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Mel said...

HEY!! you bother me about posting too! and even tho i knew it all already, i like reading it too. especially bc you use words like "durn" hahaha...
post pics of the boys!!
and congrats on the whole 16 years thing. that's more than i could handle! hahahaha....