Monday, April 16, 2007


every week in my house i have to decide what to make for dinner. (because i'm the only one with decision making abilities.) this week i said NO MORE. i was not going to decide for someone else what to have for dinner. so i asked the boys what they would like if they could have anything they wanted. they all said meatloaf. now if you know me at all, you will know that i DETEST meatloaf. the sight, the smell and ugg, the taste! and of course since i have never made it, i have no recipe for it. i asked them who's meatloaf they liked best. and the answer was tim's. so i call tim and cathy said he was not going to give me his recipe because it was a secret recipe. right. secret off the box of onion soup mix!

fyi - you don't have to like something to make it taste good. i rock!! my kids LOVED it!!! but don't tell them i added some pureed pumpkin so they would get a veggie with it...........

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Mel said...'re so sneaky!