Thursday, April 26, 2007


i love American Idol. and last night (Idol Gives Back) was the best one EVER!!! i woke up this morning with my eye's swollen from crying so much. But what a great show it was. and it really makes me think how blessed I am. when i worry about not being able to pay my bills on time or if my kids have the "right" toys or clothes, i need to remember those poor children in Africa who are raising themselves. They have a room the size of my laundry room to live in. and they have no parents. makes me so thankful for all i have. j

so next week joh bon jovi is going to be the mentor. it should be great!! he is awesome in so many ways!! :) and btw i hope melinda doolittle is going to win. she is in a class all by herself on that show. i would pay money to go see her today. Good Luck Melinda!! I will keep voting for you!!

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