Thursday, August 30, 2007

i win a lot

i seem to win a lot of stuff. when i tell people that i won those tickets to have lunch with Casting Crowns they all say WOW you win a lot of things. my friend deborah reminded me that 2 winters ago i won an all expense paid ski trip to beech mountain. and my sister reminded me that i once won a deli platter. (????) and i have won concert tickets, free tupperware, cd's, t-shirts, books, but so far no $$$. but i enter to win lots of stuff too. maybe that's the key to winning.

cathy said i should buy a lottery ticket.

so what have you won? or am i the only winner that you know? haha


Cyn said...

I won a $50 gift certificate to L.L. Bean once but it took me a long time to figure out how I won it (it was from from their sweepstakes that I didn't remember I had entered). The prize just showed up.

My friend in Canada is ALWAYS winning stuff - concerts, movie tickets, trips to amazing places. She said it's because they either have more contests or not so many people enter in Canada.

BTW, I love Casting Crowns and hope you enjoy the concert!

(I found your blog through the comments on mom2my6pack's blog.)

Cyn said...

P.S. - I just re-read your post and saw it was lunch with Casting Crowns - so enjoy your lunch with them!

imkay said...

i can't wait i'm so excited!! i am taking my camera so check back for pictures!

Mel said...

i won a lava lamp once from thinkgeek. oh, and once i won the $330 million mega millions lottery...but that wasn't such a big deal...