Thursday, August 30, 2007


I won!!! a few weeks ago my friend cathy sent me a link to try to win tickets to have lunch with
Casting Crowns. she said if i win i will take you and if you win you can take me. well guess what!! ha ha. they called me yesterday and told me i won 4 tickets to have lunch with them.

now if you don't listen to contemporary Christian music you probably don't know who they are. but they are the big dogs in the arena. especially for someone who aspires to do what they are doing.

so friday at 12:30 i am taking DH, cathy and her DH tim to lunch. there were about 8 people who won so there should be about 32 people there. nice intimate setting. hopefully i can get some pix.

and i called deborah to tell her and she said oh yea i know. i was like how do you know i just found out! she said they said my name on the radio that i was a winner. and one of the pre-school teachers told her that she heard my name. so deborah knew before i did!

i won and i'm famous........makes my day!

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